10-27-18 Impromptu Meeting With Andy

I missed some of the impromptu sit down with Andy but here is the text I got:

<system>: Entering Locale: Temple Street Games
Cosmic Andy: Twice we have had complaints about name changes so for now you just need to request staff to port you to the room to do it.
Chia Pep: dammit Bill
Thal: smh
Cosmic Andy: New members and free web players can still change name as they come into world.
Minerva: <shrug>
shanny: hugss coal
Thal: half of the fun is to roleplay on alts
Minerva: yes
Tang: Andy, I came in here and never had name put back to zero.. it would cost me an arm and a leg to change my name now
PetMePlease: yep.. this place is for roleplay and now a piece of that is gone
Tigerlily: If there were complaints, how about addressing it with whoever violates TOS or whatever. Instead of stopping name changes for ALL.
Tang: it would have been nice to have had clean slate when we came to pay
Cosmic Andy: It’s not gone. You can just contact staff to port you in to do it.
Tang: I don’t need name change
Minerva: control
Tang: just commenting
Cosmic Andy: It’s not stopped it’s done by approval.
PetMePlease: Yes the 4 staff members that are already overworked
Tigerlily: well, I think its a good idea to have Name Changing Amnesty once in a while… for roleplay purposes
Spookie: wait what, we have 4 staff members?
Thal: dito on that
Minerva: this was all in fun, yet some chose to complain, so BOOM gone
PetMePlease: 5 if we count Andy
Lola Showgirl: seee now dont you wish you had come for bump
Tigerlily: Done by approval? thats making everyone pay for someones bad choice of unkind name or something
PetMePlease: Yeah Polly Chime Dan and Pye
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: ok so
Cosmic Andy: You can see a list of official IW staff on the vzones website.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I like switching up my alts
Tang: Yes Tiferlily, name changing amnesty would be good now and again..
Spookie: oh yes
Tang: Tigerlilly even
Thal: if I would complain each time I don’t like something you would need more staff
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: but when it costs me 40K to change my name
Tigerlily: Often when we have to bother a staff member, its clear they are busy with something else. So I would hesitate to bother them
Thal: I just walk away or ignore
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I lose interest
shanny: i wish i had 40 k
shanny: lol
Tigerlily: lol Tang… hugs
Tang: more often or not they are not online when trying to contact them.
Tang: so I have found out.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: which makes me want to downgrade
Tang: but UK here so guess that’s why
shanny: staff has rw too like us all
Spookie: you can contact me <wink>
Tang: absolutely not getting at them in any way
Tigerlily: Andy with all due respect… it feels like bad form to restrict the name changer
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I propose…unlimited free name changes
PetMePlease: yeah .. the Premium isnt what I expected… Im gonna stick it out.. but when the annual is up, Ill decide
Cosmic Andy: Staff are available enough to help with name changes. It’s not you need to change names on a daily basis.
Tang: no to free name change
Tang: but sometimes yes
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: yes it is lol
Spookie: lol, yes for you <react>
Tigerlily: Im sorry and with no disrespect intended, thats treating the majority of members like little kids!
Thal: I don’t like to bother staff, they have more important stuff to do like building
Tang: Agreed Tigerlilly..
Spookie: Spookie wants a Cookie <react>
Tigerlily: especially when we have always had the freedom to change names
shanny: true thal
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I like my alts to reflect what’s going on in the news
Tang: there are some that may need treated like kids but most of us don’t lol
PetMePlease: So much is controlled Andy… I cant make my own acct name or password.. Now I cant change names without staff next to me.. Am I in nursery school?
Coal: I know staff are always there to help when you ask, sometimes they may be busy but they will tell you if they cannot help at that moment… Or so I found.
Tigerlily: if someone cant handle that freedom, please deal with THEM
Tang: sorry Andy, that is bad management
Tang: if you say they can’t help at the moment.
Thal: but I don’t like to bother them even if they don’t mind
Tang: you should have stuff in place for paying customers
shanny: andy didnt say that
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: cost my alt 20K to become Caitlyn Jenner
Tang: not everyone can wait until
Tang: our times are all different in here
Tigerlily: I teach disrespectful children all day in the inner city high school where I work. The last dang thing I need when I am relaxing is to be treated like I cannot make my own decisions on how to play.
Tang: you should be covering those times.
Cosmic Andy: I’m sorry you feel that way. If you are in urgent need of a name change and can’t get hold of staff right away please raise a ticket with subject URGENT
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: and that didn’t even incluse surgery
PetMePlease: LOl Caitlyn lol and Im so sorry I put that memory on FB Cappy LOL
Tang: okay I understand Coal said and not Andy.. Apologies to Andy and to Coal, what i just said.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: include too
shanny: when was u jenner
shanny: lol
Cosmic Andy: Just letting you know we need to clear out soon. Game starting 11PM WA
Coal: It is fine <grin>
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: yesterday before I became Bill for 40K
Tigerlily: WHY would I want to do that? Make someone stop what they are doing (working) so they can come change my name when I feel like roleplaying? Yeah Im not going to do that
Spookie: saved by the bell <jump><jump>
shanny: oh
PetMePlease: thats how Im feeling Tiger..
Laesea: ty for your time and being a brave soul ….have a great eving
Coal: Thank you Andy for taking the time to talk to us!
Thal: agreed Tigs
Essence: game is in graveyard
Tigerlily: Yeah thanks for listening
Havana: I would like an AW body changer for our tickets
Nainnie: lol yep in Graveyard 1 <react> and nothing else at 11
Havana: just sayin’
PetMePlease: Yes Andy U are brave for coming here.. with no cookies and listening to us LOL
Tigerlily: I hope when you re read this transcript, Andy, You consider your members. Its not much to ask.
Spookie: with no cookies is a crime
Cosmic Andy: You’re welcome and remember if you’ve not done the maze already please check it out.
Tigerlily: I appreciate you talking. I hope you also listen.
Havana: huggss
Spookie: Andy? Did you go through the maze?
Cosmic Andy: I did the maze a few times yep
Tigerlily: and the sound of sucking is quite — deafening —
Nainnie: Poor Cappy lost his head.
Spookie: did ot get lost?
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I did
shanny: lol
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: it’s in my turf
Cosmic Andy: I got lost yep
Tigerlily: Night all… off to play with friends
Cosmic Andy: lol
shanny: nini
Cosmic Andy: Ziggy saved me
Coal: LOL nice!
PetMePlease: Hugss All.. i gotta log off.. No Laf with Blitz LOL
Cosmic Andy: Blitz with B at 11PM so i’m clearing out.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I need a neck tampon
Spookie: oke, we so need to kill ziggy <react>
Cosmic Andy: <wave>
shanny: ty andy
Nainnie: How is B going to do here and graveyard 1
shanny: it be at grave yard
shanny: im sure
shanny: esp her
Nainnie: *snorts* He just didn’t want the razzing anymore .
Thal: he’s not listening anyway
Tang: I don’t think he is listening a lot of the time.
Spookie: <snicker>
Spookie: that has a name: selective reading
Tang: oh well
Nainnie: Nope can tell with some of his responses <shrug>
Spookie: very useful
Thal: very trumpesque
Spookie: just like selective hearing, I use it all the time
Spookie: lol<react>
Tang: It’s amzing how intuitive one can be in here just by listening to how someone talks or says.
Nainnie: Well, I guess I’ll try Blitz21 since I’ve never played
Spookie: good luck
Thal: oh well off to blitz
Thal: hugggs
Spookie: you will hate it
Tang: time to go too
Thal: sleep well <wave>
Tang: have fun at blitz
Spookie: good night
Spookie: <munches cookie>
Essence: graveyard 1

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