Technical Meeting with Cosmic Andy – 11-30-18

Below is the text of the meeting with Cosmic Andy on 11-30-18. This meeting discussed the past technical issues for VZones.

Cosmic Andy: Hey all
Pammie: hugzz andy
Cosmic Andy: hugs for all
Cosmic Andy: This was just a short quick meeting to cover the tech issues over the past few weeks
Cosmic Andy: So i’ll jump right into it
Gracie: Excuse me but it would be nice if you could at least apologise for keeping us here for an hour and not turning up
SyllieCat: lmao
Catolyte M. Melinda: lol
Gracie: before you start chatting
Catolyte M. Melinda: hey free 20t <g>
PetMePlease: free?
PetMePlease: try 34.99 a month
Catolyte M. Melinda: lol thats why I dont vip <react>
Gracie: hight of bad manners Andy
Catolyte M. Melinda: but anyhow.. tech issues
Gracie: height even
Chime: okay back
Chime: Hugs Andy
Chime: Hugs Mel
Catolyte M. Melinda: huggs
Cosmic Andy: Sorry for the confusion on the time. I’ll start on the time.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: that was sort of half an apology
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: ok<shrug>
Cosmic Andy: Also Pet you are not paying 34.99 you are on a discounted yearly plan.
SyllieCat: lol
PetMePlease: *sighs* .. U know what i meant
Yorkie: wow. Is this rude day?
Pammie: i am on the 34.99 payment
Catolyte M. Melinda: still pricey, but im on regular now lol
Catolyte M. Melinda: but update on mobile?
Pammie: and lost a lot of tokens and games
Cosmic Andy: The time is on the current server we are running from because this is a development server.
PetMePlease: So we are back in beta?
Pammie: ikr
Cosmic Andy: Why would you think that?
Catolyte M. Melinda: lots and ltos of crashing issues lately
PetMePlease: U used the word developemental and I thought that was the word used during beta
Catolyte M. Melinda: and mobile not working
Pammie: all the issues we’ve had since we went to paying
Cosmic Andy: No development and BETA are not the same things.
PetMePlease: TY for answering my question… That wasnt hard <grin>
Pammie: there pretty close
SyllieCat: Graqcie gonna sit on Petme’s lap?
SyllieCat: or maybe a lap dance<react>
Gracie: I don’t see you Pet
Gracie: sorry
PetMePlease: Im here
Gracie: are you on chair behind me?
PetMePlease: Yes I was
Gracie: sorry
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: so are you fixing the TCP Error thingy?
Cosmic Andy: So the reason the time was kept out on this server is we were creating scripts to do auto time changes on the server without screwing everything up.
Cosmic Andy: This was part of a cron (automated) system to do lot’s of other manual tasks such as daily maint, backup and some other back end tasks.
Cosmic Andy: Do you all know what barking up the wrong tree means?
Pammie: still sounds like beta zone
PetMePlease: Yes
Gracie: of course
SyllieCat: yeah
Pammie: duh
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: no
SyllieCat: whats the point
Catolyte M. Melinda: ?
Gracie: did you get bitten?
Catolyte M. Melinda: too much?
Catolyte M. Melinda: Its not THAT important lol
Cosmic Andy: Just to go back to the confusion on what is BETA
SyllieCat: that We are guessing wrong
Cosmic Andy: BETA is the phase of testing something thats been developed.
Catolyte M. Melinda: so pre beta ? alpha? <g>
Catolyte M. Melinda: 😛
Cosmic Andy: So we would create something. It then goes to BETA and is tested/used.
Cosmic Andy: We were in free BETA for a long time. Backend dev will never stop at VZones. We will always be doing dev work.
Gracie: so what are we in now?
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: we need to back to before BETA
Cosmic Andy: Now we are live.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: when we haven’t TCP’d
Gracie: okay, so why are there so many places not open
Catolyte M. Melinda: Yet still not ready for he public?
Gracie: if we are now live
Catolyte M. Melinda: most non attached people will be easly frustrated and give up… from the general public
Catolyte M. Melinda: I love my friends, but it needs to grow
Yorkie: We’re paying for something that should be in Beta, with all these errors and problems you are having.
Cosmic Andy: For the past 6 weeks the service has been under attack.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: Russians?
Gracie: and why so many problems.. this paying should not happen to the same extent that it is andy
SyllieCat: Americans<react>
Catolyte M. Melinda: I have to agree there
Pammie: non attached ? I been with worlds off and on, more on since 97
Catolyte M. Melinda: Yes, people with no history here
Gracie: I know there can be problems but really this is taking the biscuit (if you know what that means)
Catolyte M. Melinda: brand new people
Catolyte M. Melinda: who have never been in
PetMePlease: I think we have to also accept that WE may be the population.. Maybe some old oldbies will come back, but this isnt gonna attract the new generation ..
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: brb rebeering
Gracie: Sorry i don’t believe under attack .. not for so long
Yorkie: I dont believe that either.
PetMePlease: Not cause of tcps or downtime.. but because of high tech shit out there
Gracie: otherise if it was they would be caught
Cosmic Andy: We have spent a lot of time, money and energy barking up the wrong tree with it.
Pammie: tytyour tokens are stretched so far no one can earn them fully day by day
Catolyte M. Melinda: Nope, neither is it going to survive with limited membership. Its dead. most of the time
Polly: sighs
Cosmic Andy: Most of the issues have been resolved but as with any online service they can be attacked.
Gracie: yes they can but sorry Andy I don’t belief it is as much as you are saying
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: who the hell would attack this place?
SyllieCat: and why?
Cosmic Andy: We are in the process of requesting an IP hold via the UK court with an ISP that was used to do some of the attacks.
Catolyte M. Melinda: exactly. Unless its to get credit card #s? but wouldnt be in the server
PetMePlease: LOL Cappy
Gracie: I don’t ever remember tbis happening so much when Worlds away years ago
Cosmic Andy: This is basically a long complex process of making an ISP hold logs from online activity based on future pending legal action against a user.
Cosmic Andy: The user doing the attacks was for the most using a VPN service.
Pammie: our worst problem was the isp
Pammie: and to many iw
SyllieCat: these big words I do not follow
Cosmic Andy: But during some of this the VPN dropped and the real IP was logged.
SyllieCat: what is VPN
Gracie: virtual I think
Cosmic Andy: VPN is a virtual private network.
SyllieCat: thanks
Gracie: didn’t know the rest lol
Cosmic Andy: It’s a service people can use to hide who they are online.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: apparently there is a group of internet ninja’s attacking us
Polly: its how people can go on line but not be seen or traced.
SyllieCat: I dont follow the techie talk<react>
Catolyte M. Melinda: someone who knows about this and isnt happy, is my best guess
Pammie: lol ninja’s
Gracie: surely they would realise and stop once you know..
PetMePlease: Not being sarcastic here.. but besides our CC info..which is thru PP .. what is there to attack?
SyllieCat: I thought everyone that gets on the net has and address?
Cosmic Andy: But to cut that long story short we have obtain the real IP, request the ISP (internet service provider) hold logs while we file in the UK courts action.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: VPN =Virtual Private Network
Cosmic Andy: We do not store any card/payment details so you can only assume the attack was to cause problems to the service.
Polly: but a few times, this person’s vpn didnt work,, and their isp was shown.. meaing,, vzones was able to actually see who is was doing it.
Gracie: well that’s good
Cosmic Andy: It happens a lot to big companies.
SyllieCat: so You know who it is?
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: so you got him/her on the run?
Gracie: so who is it?
PetMePlease: cant U press charges?
Pammie: why wait so long to inform us ?
Gracie: I thought you were bringing in something to stop that sort of thing?
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I have no doubt it happens in big companies
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: but this in VZones<shrug>
Cosmic Andy: We are doing it but an ISP in the UK can’t just hand over someones details based on a request. It has to go through a slow legal process.
Gracie: ok understand
Polly: it takes a long time to read the server logs and still have to secure us.
Cosmic Andy: We have for months been improving security but yes it’s a slow process and always on going.
SyllieCat: do You think it is a old vzones member or something? why would that persondo this unless to get somrthing out of it
Pammie: so why not tell us along the way ?
Catolyte M. Melinda: Is this one reason why mobile isnt working too? or seperate?
PetMePlease: can this be previous owners that are doing the attacking?
Pammie: their called hackers
SyllieCat: hackers normally have a reason to hack
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: remember years ago when we went to Korean WA?
Pammie: not always
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I think it’s them
PetMePlease: but liek Cappy says.. Who wants to hack VZones? there SO many other places much more interesting
Gracie: exactly
Catolyte M. Melinda: glass city wouldnt give a crap about us, I dont think
Cosmic Andy: Mobile version is down until tomorrow because we found a security risk in this which couldn’t be solved over night.
SyllieCat: old member wanting to cause trouble?
PetMePlease: they want my wraps? they can have them
Catolyte M. Melinda: ah ok. thanks
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: yes Glass City
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: lol
Cosmic Andy: As you’ve seen now for the past 3 days we have not had any tcp drop outs and zero down time.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: pffft
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I had 1 today
PetMePlease: there was one this morning
Gracie: couldn’t get in today
Pammie: me too
PetMePlease: only one avie but it was a tcp
SyllieCat: cause Your net sucks Cappy<react>
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: Fios<shrug>
Cosmic Andy: WA has not had any outage for the past 3 days.
Cosmic Andy: This morning we had an issue with the login servers.
Yorkie: 3 days?
Gracie: big deal 3 days wow
Cosmic Andy: Which caused a problem for a few members who could not log in due to an attack (over load) on the login server.
Catolyte M. Melinda: Someones pissed off ( whoever is doing it)
Pammie: i had a issue when i tried to log back in when i poofed earlier, here
Peach Toadstool: (((hugs)))
SyllieCat: would You call this a personal attack, just hater of this place?
Cosmic Andy: So with regards to the comments about not taking on lots of new members and paying for a service which has had connection issues. If anyone is unhappy with the service and would like to take a break and return in 3 – 6 months when everything has moved on
Cosmic Andy: I am more than happy to save an account in backup.
Cosmic Andy: So everything will kept while you take a break and return in the future.
SyllieCat: I dont want to leave
Gracie: would you like people to do that?
Pammie: me either
PetMePlease: thats very nice of U to offer that and Ive told U that before <grin>
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: he knows your addicted
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: lol
Catolyte M. Melinda: Hey, Im not saying I want to leave.
Yorkie: I want to stay but hope it starts to improve soon because right now it feels like its way too much money for what we get.
Cosmic Andy: We have lot’s of work to do and always will improve so it’s not perfect as some people would want and I understand that.
Catolyte M. Melinda: im Just asking why if its live, theres no want to expand, to get new members. Its needed
Gracie: I think most people would like to see some stability here
Gracie: to start with
Gracie: it’s not fair on those hosting etc
Cosmic Andy: That’s why we created the backup option which was discussed at the last meeting so we can save everything for anyone who wants to leave for a while and come back in the future.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: just fix it
Gracie: not leaving Andy, you need to fix it
Gracie: end of
Cosmic Andy: It’s already been fixed.
Yorkie: If you accept there’s a problem which might be fixed in 3-6 months, have you considered reducing the price until its working as intended?
Gracie: you said that before but still happening
Pammie: it doesnt always pop up after a major poof
Polly: Can be 100% but if a hacker decides to cause harm<shrug> Members think we’re broken.
Cosmic Andy: And we will continue developement so future problems don’t happen but we have a long road ahead and as i explained at the last 2 meetings we have a lot of work to do and it’s not going to be 100% for a long time.
Catolyte M. Melinda: I dont like to comlain much, but its a lot for a malfunctioning product
PetMePlease: Im home so if we poof, I can log back on most times.. but some go to work and think their avies are earning and theyre not cause we poofed 5 mins after they left.. thats not fair to them
Gracie: I’m a very understanding person normally but my patience is not so good in here now.
Yorkie: So will you consider reducing the price?
Gracie: which is sad
Cosmic Andy: Price wont change no.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: membership might
Gracie: how long is this Road?
Gracie: months years many years?
Cosmic Andy: It’s a never ending road. VZones has had problems which were not fixed in the past 20 years.
Catolyte M. Melinda: 20 years ago it seemed to work fine <react>
Cosmic Andy: We are fixing them but you can’t expect it to happen over night.
Gracie: I know it takes time and appreciate all that…
Gracie: I don’t expect that and never have
Cosmic Andy: 20 years ago it didn’t have 20+ years of data in it.
Gracie: agreed
Catolyte M. Melinda: True. But so… many… issues.. the last few years. ugh.
Cosmic Andy: If we started fresh with a tiny database and nothing in like 1995 then this would solve 50% of the problems we have to fix in the future.
Pammie: 20 years ago we had little aware and pixels that we have now
PetMePlease: but them we only had to log on for 4 hrs and we earned our allowance… now we gotta be in here 24 hrs… Can U fix that?
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: poofing during cyber sex sucks
Yorkie: Nobody has said they expect it to be perfect overnight but you hve a large number of customers very unhappy with the price and you’re not prepared to consider that. I think that’s very short sighted.
Catolyte M. Melinda: LOL wth? haha
Catolyte M. Melinda: assuming that was dialtone lol
Gracie: No I think you may have that wrong for some of us
Cosmic Andy: so i’d like to end this with a little hands on testing <grin>
Gracie: not unhappy with the price as personally I was prepared to pay for a year
Cosmic Andy: Anyone who wants to help test something please stand up. Anyone who doesn’t want to help with the little test please ghost while we try it
Gracie: but…. I was expcting a proper world with places open and things going on
Gracie: not RSN
Catolyte M. Melinda: btw andy PLEASE consider more staff, too. stuff needs changed, and people need help. what we have isnt enough
Gracie: or coming soon
PetMePlease: Should I be afraid Andy?
Peach Toadstool: I’m ready
Yorkie: I didnt say everyone was unhappy with price gracie, I said a large number of people. Not all.
Gracie: happy to test things
Pammie: i think 34.99 is to high for what we get iw, if wont lower prices make more things token and ticket based virsus the gold coins and make 500 a day for 5 hours
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: this like a prostate exam?
Cosmic Andy: Ok if you use an ethernet/network cable to your computer please go to the left side of the room
Cosmic Andy: If you use WiFi please go to the right side.
Catolyte M. Melinda: the duped ts are gone, and I know you know that. 60t wont hurt squat
Catolyte M. Melinda: <react>
Gracie: on lappy just now
Gracie: so wifi
Cosmic Andy: Ok so network cable people on the left
PetMePlease: Do I use wifi?
Cosmic Andy: wifi on the right
Peach Toadstool: ethernet connected to a router
Catolyte M. Melinda: well im on wifi
Dia: lol
PetMePlease: im wireless
Cosmic Andy: ok this could go badly wrong
SyllieCat: do We get guns?
Dia: are you sure
Cosmic Andy: or it might not
Cosmic Andy: <grin>
Catolyte M. Melinda: but have cable connection not connected to my laptop
Catolyte M. Melinda: <react>
Coal: this is fun <react>
Dia: we have more…we win
Gracie: lol most in wifi
Dia: <jump>
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: if you don’t have something plugged into your modem come over here
Cosmic Andy: Step 1) leave vzones open
Peach Toadstool: (core office/studio computer)
Dia: how many alts
Dia: <react>
Catolyte M. Melinda: <tech dumbass>
Catolyte M. Melinda: ( me) lol
Pammie: 3
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: rebeering
Dia: this is not the time to rebeer
Cosmic Andy: step 2) unplug your ethernet cable or wireless people turn off your wifi for 30 seconds. Then when your internet is off load a web page to check you are not connected to the internet anymore. Then after 30 seconds connect your internet again.
Dia: we are doing a tiny experiment
PetMePlease: So the only wire i have connected is powercord.. so Im wifi right? lol
Gracie: we will poof lol
Polly: do not log out of here though
Pammie: Rod does all this a lot
SyllieCat: dont get it
Cosmic Andy: Keep vzones open don’t clsoe it.
Pammie: as he works from home more then in office
Pammie: yes
Polly: anotherwords,, shut your cable connection to zones off…. wait a few then reconnect it
Chime: disconnected your internt
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: so you want us to self poof?
Cosmic Andy: try it
Peach Toadstool: on a cue?
Chime: unplug your ethernet
Peach Toadstool: or just at any point?
Chime: I just did
Cosmic Andy: GO
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: turning off wifi
Cosmic Andy: NOW
Cosmic Andy: GO
Polly: you may hourglass but dont log out
Dia: ok now what
Batida de Mango con Limão: No way. Watchin netflix…
Gracie: ok
Pammie: what does all this mean?
Cosmic Andy: Try it and see
Coal: done, back and here
Catolyte M. Melinda: cant unplug my internet, guess I better ghost lol
Dia: i did
Dia: came back
Quax: back <grin>
PetMePlease: my modem is behind couch
PetMePlease: bye
Gracie: we stayed on… took a moment or too with hourglass showing but, yes we came back
Gracie: need a seat that was exhausting
Dia: u should have been able to disconnect wifi from your computer without unplugging
PetMePlease: lemme try
Catolyte M. Melinda: Yeah Im just multi tasking.. making dinner for kids
Catolyte M. Melinda: lol
Dia: Do it pet <jump>
Cosmic Andy: LowRider did you try?
Gracie: did andy poof?
Gracie: lol
Gracie: just kidding
Pammie: yes
Quax: is 30 sec the max timeout allowed?
Coal: i unplugged 30 seconds, replugged, no error
Polly: it worked for my alt
Polly: but this one tcp’d
Pyewacket: worked for me
LowRider: i think my own backup kept me from doing real test
Gracie: it worked.. did you get an hourglass for a bit though?
Dia: yes
Pyewacket: yep hourglassed then cleared
Gracie: yep
LowRider: i never got an hourglass
Gracie: okay, so what does that prove Andy… just trying to find out why you wanted us to do that.
Cosmic Andy: Well it needs more work but basically now if there is a blip in connections for a short period of time you wont poof.
Gracie: ok understand
LowRider: wow that should help during the games for poofing
Peach Toadstool: hi again
Peach Toadstool: TCP error
Cosmic Andy: So if your dog pulls your internet cable out and you rush to plug it back in you’ll still be in the same place you were.
Quax: how long is short?
LowRider: very nice andy
Catolyte M. Melinda: good start at least
Polly: very cool, andy<grin>
Gracie: good cause mine does that often lol
Cosmic Andy: It’s currently at 3 minutes but it needs more work and other areas fixed to make it better.
Gracie: he’s a rascal dog
LowRider: also, thank you for the meeting and letting us know
Quax: and what will happend, if it is a real poof?
Peach Toadstool: the test failed on my side
Cosmic Andy: It depends what you call a real poof?
Quax: will we stay loged in for at least 3 min?
Cosmic Andy: If it’s someone attacking the service trying to force it down then depending how we are attacked that can cause a drop in service.
Quax: server overload <shrug> door Turf in action <grin>
PetMePlease: shoot
Peach Toadstool: 2WIRE router, ethernet direct connection, no wifi connection between this system and router
PetMePlease: i was frozen for 5 mins
Gracie: Why do you think there are so many attacks on vzones?
Cosmic Andy: I can’t say why someone would decide they want to try and attack VZones on a regular basis. Very sad that they feel the need to mess it up for everyone.
Gracie: yes, I would agree
Gracie: seems a bit pointless really
Cosmic Andy: But due to UK law it’s a very slow and painful process to force someone to stop.
Gracie: well now you know the isp or whatever it is you have then hopefully it will stop
Peach Toadstool: man, really sorry to hear the difficulty in stopping the attacks
Cosmic Andy: Massive distraction also which is the sad part about it.
PetMePlease: but U know who it is right? Pally said u can see their isp
PetMePlease: U just cant get them to stop
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna start carrying a gun
Dia: Andy, do you need me to cut someone for you
Cosmic Andy: Well that’s the problem with the UK law. We have the ISP and the IP but it requires a court to force the ISP to make the logs available to be used in a case.
Gracie: Now that you have stated you know roughly who it is then maybe they will get to know and hopefully stop so they don’t get caught
Catolyte M. Melinda: sigh…
Gracie: but I guess they could change their isp or ip or whatever..
Cosmic Andy: Well I would hope so but our job is to prevent attacks anyway. Taking them to court/reporting to police etc is a massive distraction and headache we wish we did not have to do.
Gracie: absolutely. I thought you were putting things into process to stop this sort of thing?
Cosmic Andy: But as i’ve said at just about every meeting now this is one reason we are not ready to take on lots of new members.
Cosmic Andy: We have issues that need sorting that have not been sorted in 20 years.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: seems like alot of time and work for an individual to spend attacking VZones
PetMePlease: just throwing this out there.. I cant see it being an mature adult.. maybe its a tech kid whos mother spends way too much time in here lol
Cosmic Andy: We need to restore the service and fix the issues after it was shutdown for years. All of this takes time.
Gracie: okay but that was not what you told us when we went live initially
Cosmic Andy: What didn’t i tell you?
Gracie: happy for the moment to go along with what is happening but hopefully certain bits and pieces will be sorted out soon.
Gracie: You said that you would go to the public and that you would advertise
Catolyte M. Melinda: yes
Cosmic Andy: When the time is right yes.
Catolyte M. Melinda: we need…more… members.
Gracie: that’s not what I personally was lead to believe
Cosmic Andy: I am not doing it before i feel we are ready.
Catolyte M. Melinda: then why are we outta beta?
Gracie: led even
Catolyte M. Melinda: if we are live, that means to me, should be ready for public
Cosmic Andy: We are out of BETA because the bulk of the software no longer needs testing.
Gracie: A lot of us still feel we are paying for beta because of everything that has not happened or going wrong
Gracie: Understand that things don’t always go right
Coal: I think everything that goes live has things that need to be fixed or tweaked after going live, even expansions from WoW which has been out for many many years
Quax: I can’t see too much wrong in paying for development…
Gracie: but when I came in initially I was quite taken aback at everything being Coming Soon signs
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I find the attacker theory hard to believe
Gracie: that was not what i was expecting
LowRider: hugsss all… i need to run but thank you andy for the meeting <grin>
Cosmic Andy: You have a choice to be a member now while we grow and re build vzones or you can wait it’s at a point where you feel it’s right for you to be a paying member and more things are completed.
Polly: hugs low<wave>
Cosmic Andy: Bye Low
Cosmic Andy: thanks for coming
Gracie: Andy, sorry that sounds like a cope out to me
Chime: Hugs Low
Cosmic Andy: I’ll be around on ESP for a little bit if anyone has any one to one questions before I go.
Polly: There’s so much opened now. So many areas to go to, games to play. We even have role players and games. <shrug> There’s only maybe 2 coming soon ribbons.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: If somebody was so pissed an VZones to attack it randomly each day
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: why not poof this very meeting?
Catolyte M. Melinda: probably because they were unaware
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: it was announced
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: <shrug>
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: just saying
Cosmic Andy: Like i said we fixed the issue that was causing the last lof of poofing.
Quax: btw.. the server status page tells us FAIL <shrug>
PetMePlease: and these attacks were happening while in beta too?
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: well, hopefully you get to the bottom of it
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: hugs all<wave>
Cosmic Andy: Yes the server status page is monitoring the live server. We are currently using a dev server. Tomorrow during maint we will switch back.
Dia: Will the IW clock be fixed also
Pammie: how does that affect us ?
Quax: ah… ok… so the IP will switch back, I guess?
Catolyte M. Melinda: One last remark.. Andy, I’d like to propose more staff, too. Having been here for so long, Id love to help out rotating the prize shop, vendos etc. It would be helpful to have another person on staff with passion and knowledge of this world.
Cosmic Andy: Yes.
Catolyte M. Melinda: if not me, someone else <shrug> we need more done
PetMePlease: welll good luck and just think about token earning just a few hrs a day and not 24 Please
Cosmic Andy: Comments noted on staff.
Cosmic Andy: Tomorrow we will move back to the live server so the time will correct, mobile will be up etc.
Gracie: I very rarely get really annoyed but tonight I have but feel I have had reason to be so.
Dia: cool, thank you
Quax: tu for all the work! <grin>
Cosmic Andy: On ESP if anyone has any questions before I log out.
Cosmic Andy: Thanks for coming
Cosmic Andy: <wave>
Dia: Thanks Andy
Polly: thanks for your time, Andy
Dia: n Pye, n Chime, n Polly, n Dan
Gracie: thankyou for eventually turning up
Coal: Thanks <wave>
Catolyte M. Melinda: glad mobile will be back

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