Meeting With Andy 10-23-18

<system>: Entering Locale: Staff Zones Lounge
<system>: You have entered as an avatar; ghosts are not allowed in this locale.
Dia: what, exactly, happened there?
Madame Titzenass: gtg big brother startin hugssssssssss
<system>: Sorry, no ghosts are allowed in this locale.
Cosmic Andy: Houston is not going to be hired no. He is only in VZ for the fun of it.
Dia: huggs coal
Polly: some creature…..
Polly: did u see him?
Coal: Hugs!
Cosmic Andy: I did try <grin>
Dia: ugh no
Coal: Hiya All, Hiya Andy!
Nem: I tried to ghost lol
S@pphire: did Shark do it?
Dia: was it Ere?
Cosmic Andy: No ghost just talking <grin>
Polly: dia when u go over there again, walk through and back,,out the door at paints
Catolyte M. Melinda: but.. but… lurking! lol
Dia: okies
Cosmic Andy: It’s an open meeting…thought i’d give it a try compared to the normal meeting style. We just talk and hang out and I’ll answer anything you have.
Cosmic Andy: and write down ideas
Cosmic Andy: requests
Cosmic Andy: demands
Cosmic Andy: <grin>
Petallypoo: Andy when is Prize Vendos changing?
Dia: prize shop prizes
Dia: yes
Polly: hey whims<grin>
Dia: lol that
Catolyte M. Melinda: Ok, with the addition of AW bieng offered for tokens at higher than normal prices ( yes, I know its a luxury, nice to have the option) would you either a) back the token amount to 60t, or allow alts to earn tokens?
S@pphire: EEK I saw it Polly
S@pphire: rofl
Whimsical: Hugggs
Veni: g2g, appointment to go to, g’nite all, thanks for the meeting <wave>
Polly: hahaha
Petallypoo: Dia Get outta my head
Catolyte M. Melinda: SOme people have family members on their accounts too
Cosmic Andy: Pye can answer that for you on the prize changes.
Polly: there you go,, glad u saw it
Catolyte M. Melinda: and it would nice if they could get their own ts
Catolyte M. Melinda: it worked just fine before, the issue with excess ts was because someone duped them
Dia: no way Pet, it’s fun in there
Petallypoo: hehehehe Its fun in urs too <grin>
Dia: hehe
Cosmic Andy: Not planning to put it back on 60T/hour because we lowered the value of all items.
Catolyte M. Melinda: except with the aw being offered for tokens
Catolyte M. Melinda: its nice if you cna afford one every once in a while
Catolyte M. Melinda: 8k is a lot of saving
Catolyte M. Melinda: aain, very happy we have the option
Catolyte M. Melinda: just a thought
MerritB: too much
Dan: 8k is $8
Cosmic Andy: Well in the past you could only buy AW with $
Dan: slightly less than items were in the aw catalog in the past
Catolyte M. Melinda: Yes, like I said, glad for the option. Maybe even limited hours alts can earn tokens?
Cosmic Andy: We just moved the AW IW to make it more fun and easier to buy. We need to keep the value of AW the same because it holds a real world $ value to create.
Catolyte M. Melinda: of course.. I was an aw artist too
Polly: We also have the convenience of purchasing tokens from AW:
Catolyte M. Melinda: I got real $ ( that i recycled back iw buying aw for myself )
Petallypoo: Oh Yeah I did notice that some of the items could be bought with Tokens or GC’s 1k = 1 GC.. but how come not everything could be bought that way? Like Dan’s hat
<system>: Name: Dan’s Hat
<system>: Original Price: 10
<system>: Description: This is an accessory.
Cosmic Andy: ALTs won’t ever be able to earn tokens but we will do double token days which will give you a bonus.
Dan: Dan’s hat is available in variations right now under a differnt name<react>
Catolyte M. Melinda: except… according to that value, I i lost $4000 worth of tokens
Dan: different
Catolyte M. Melinda: im not buying back what I lost <g>
Dan: same colors<react>
Cosmic Andy: As time goes on you’ll see more and more AW be available for T also.
Petallypoo: Hats like urs Dan can only be bought with GC’s but some things can be bought with either.. thats my question
Coal: I do love that you can buy stuff with tokens without the gold coins if you have the tokens, some do have the tokens to spend but I understand some do not, I like the option is there for those that have the tokens
Dia: sparkles…will we see the return of sparkles?
Cosmic Andy: $4000 in the new value or the old value?
Catolyte M. Melinda: in your current value
Catolyte M. Melinda: if 1k = $1
Cosmic Andy: yeah that was the entire reason for the change.
Dan: wb peach<react>
Catolyte M. Melinda: Except I earned all those
Polly: hey peach<grin><wave>
Dia: oooh she made it back
Peach Toadstool: sorry; I didn’t expect to be unghosted
Catolyte M. Melinda: I didnt dupe, I didnt buy them
Polly: left u a seat there<grin><grin>
Peach Toadstool: middle of work day
Peach Toadstool: thanks
Catolyte M. Melinda: ive just parked 24/7 for all those years <react>
Coal: Hiya Peach!
Petallypoo: I dont see an answer
Peach Toadstool: hiya
Catolyte M. Melinda: and ran a shop
Cosmic Andy: Understood but to balance out the economy we had to revalue the currency otherwise the token would just be worthless in todays game.
Petallypoo: Ok TY Andy
Cosmic Andy: But I’ll see what we can do on getting options to burn off some of the credit card values soon.
Nem: but in doing that, it’s near impossible to pay rents lol
Cosmic Andy: Depends how many turfs you have?
Nem: 4
Nem: too many?
Dan: at the old exchange rate of $15 per million, thats $60 or 60k tokens at the new rate
Catolyte M. Melinda: well most of that issue was dupped tokens
Catolyte M. Melinda: before that event, it was reasonable
Cosmic Andy: Nope 4 is a good number….you shouldn’t have an issue paying that?
Nem: seriously?
Catolyte M. Melinda: except if you have the 1k rent, 4k a month is a lot
Catolyte M. Melinda: when its20ts
Cosmic Andy: You’ve got 4 staff turfs @ 1k?
Nem: ok I am done. and soon gone<shrug>
Catolyte M. Melinda: the 10 room is 1k in tst
Dan: 4k is 8 days & 8 hours parking per month
Catolyte M. Melinda: well she left, I was just sayin <g>
Spookje: ehm
Dan: or 6 hours and 40 minutes per day
Spookje: huggs
Dia: huggs spooks
Catolyte M. Melinda: Consider more staff, if possible too. I know a lot are furstrated with time to get a problem solved
Whimsical: Hugggs Spooks
Smokie: why do you make us park all day, cant it be like before, 5 hours you max out for the day?
Coal: I love our current staff (you know I love you guys) but having someone available during later hours would be helpful for a lot of folks
Catolyte M. Melinda: by all means I appreciate whats being done, but yes
Cosmic Andy: I’ve made a note to review the 1K turf rent. No promises.
Peach Toadstool: hmm
Cosmic Andy: We don’t make you park. It’s your choice <grin> but the idea is the more time you spend in world the more you get and ideally you spend all the time chatting, building, hanging out with people, gaming and hosting rather than parking <grin>
Smokie: i do spend time doing all that, still silly to park 24/7 for T’s
Cosmic Andy: Which time periods are you wanting more staff cover?
Catolyte M. Melinda: Just needs to be more people engaged, I think al ot are ticked off for various reasons
Suteruni: K
Catolyte M. Melinda: i am in as often as possible.. but yeah
Suteruni: I rarely park
Suteruni: pc needs rest too 😀
Cosmic Andy: Members can also do things to engage.
Coal: Well I am eastern time and here a lot at night, sometimes from 10pm to even 3am EST or later and no one is around during those times… I know there are times where others are in places like AUS or NZ etc and need someone during those later hours
Catolyte M. Melinda: It really needs to be made public read.. Id love to have this have 1000 people iw as it was for a while
Catolyte M. Melinda: ready
Catolyte M. Melinda: the servers were so full you had to wait to get in
Cosmic Andy: Why can’t Petallypoo host a part at her townhouse and invite everyone for a big party?
Polly: Ok, so did you know we have tokens in the prize market too? You can purchase tokens in there with your game vouchers.
Smokie: lol Spooks
Dia: why are u picking on poofly
Spookje: I didn’t say anything
Smokie: i think i might do that when i do need some tokens, good option
Cosmic Andy: Why can’t Dia host a part at her townhouse and invite everyone for a big party? <grin>
Smokie: hehe
Dia: pfft
Spookje: glad I don’t have a townhouse
Suteruni: lol
Cosmic Andy: Why can’t Spookje host a part at a turf and invite everyone for a big party?
Dia: i can throw a party in my game turf
Dia: it’s called bump and it’s 12am on Tuesdays
Cosmic Andy: Game turf party works
Cosmic Andy: that’s a game
Dia: <react><react>
Spookje: yes, lets talk about that! Did you bring cookies? you promised
Cosmic Andy: how about big party
Dia: and we have a party
S@pphire: lol Dia
Cosmic Andy: Polly will spend the day making cookies
Dia: give me sparkles and we’ll talk
Peach Toadstool: lol
Cosmic Andy: Dan will make sparkles
Cosmic Andy: Chime will bring chairs
Cosmic Andy: Pye will bring the drinks
Dan: Dan will make a mess if you give him glitter <react>
Spookje: what about Andy?
Suteruni: lol
Nainnie: We all know how much of a pain glitter is to clean up <shrug>
Suteruni: yes good idea
Cosmic Andy: I’ll bring………..?
Spookje: cookies, like you promised
Spookje: so where are they?
Peach Toadstool: the candy hats from last year
Cosmic Andy: We can talk Ted into bringing his DJ stuff and doing a show
Cosmic Andy: I’ll bring candy hats and balloons
Smokie: have a good day everyone, off to bump<jump>
Spookje: <snickers>
Dia: when i am wearing sparkles…we’ll party
Spookje: Dan is here in his pyjamas <react>
Dan: no one is bringing snickers..
Cosmic Andy: Didnt promise on cookies sorry
Coal: We need cake slices now
Cosmic Andy: Had to give polly a break from making them
Dan: its my halloween costume<react>
Spookje: hmm<react>
Cosmic Andy: Anyone have any more questions before I head out then?
Dia: VIP heads
Catolyte M. Melinda: Im good. Please give us something to do with those credit cards <react> even just a rotating vendo
Dia: any rotation on those?
Cosmic Andy: VIP heads won’t rotate no they will always be available.
Cosmic Andy: Noted on the credit cards yep.
Nainnie: OOh hot air balloon
Dia: ok, no new ones added…just the ones there
Cosmic Andy: New ones will be added as we either create them or get the rights to them.
Dia: ok ty
S@pphire: hugggs all <wave>
Cosmic Andy: Thank you all for joining in
Coal: Thanks for having us!
Dia: ooooh
Catolyte M. Melinda: thanks
Chime: Hugs Andy
Cosmic Andy: hugs all
Chime: Thanks for the Meeting
Dia: hugggs andy
Peach Toadstool: yes, thank you
Spookje: huggs <wave>
Dia: n all, thanks!
Peach Toadstool: (((hugs)))
Coco Cabana: Thank you und huggs <wave>
Spookje: PoooPooooPoooo <pinch><wave>
Peach Toadstool: take care, y’all
Suteruni: hugs all
Coal: see ya all! <wave>
Chime: Hugs everyone I must cook dinner
<system>: Sorry, no ghosts are allowed in this locale.

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