Past, Present and Future Meeting With Andy 11-17-18

This is the full meeting log notes from the meeting with Andy.

<system>: Entering Locale: Meeting Room
Polly: weeee
Kellie: <wave><wave>
Keellyn: huggs all
Jennifer: hugsss all
Chia Pep: KIZZ
Kizza: hahahah
Coal: Hugs and hello everyone!
shanny: hugss all
Kellie: Been cleaning and have boxes on ground in that order. <giggle>
Keellyn: Kizzer<jump>
Laesea: hugs ev1
Chia Pep: always happy to see Kizz
PetMePlease: Poo’s pissed at U CA
Kizza: Vabs!
shanny: hugss andy pye chime n polly
Kizza: you shortened your snout
Rodeo bad chick: Hugz Andy Polly Chime and Pye
Chia Pep: Vabses!!
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: Dev? may I tie you up?
Jennifer: hugss Andy Chime Pye and Polly
CeCeBella: Hugz Everyone !
Kellie: <react><react>
Pyewacket: hugggggz
Peach Toadstool: (((hugs))
Chime: Hugs everyone
Lady Devra: sure Capy
Lady Devra: Cappy*
Lady Devra: why the hell not <react>
Chia Pep: may I make anannouncement??
Jennifer: hugss Vabs
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: it’s Saturday<shrug>
Keellyn: should have been why the hell KNOT
VaBelle: hugs
Chia Pep: I LUV u all!! :DD
Jennifer: Hugss Pet
Polly: hugs IP<grin>
Kellie: Programming request?
Kellie: (says Kellie)
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: hi all hugs
Luna: Gem prepared a speech
Luna: <jump>
Gemmy: ahem…
Jennifer: hugss all
Keellyn: here comes the F bombs<react>
Gemmy: order in the court
Cosmic Andy: Thank you all for coming. Will be starting shortly.
L’AD: Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeee the mic is broken
Chia Pep: buddy!
VaBelle: are we all in our ynderwear then?
PetMePlease: Ur Honor I didnt do it I swear
Gemmy: mmhmm
Gemmy: always are
Chia Pep: dun see u but I smell u
Cosmic Andy: Will be open meeting and moving quickly.
Chia Pep: lol
shanny: lol chia sis
Kizza: Hiya Peach&
Kizza: <wave>
Cosmic Andy: I’ll be around at the end to take questions for anything we don’t cover or don’t have time for.
Peach Toadstool: hiya
Cosmic Andy: We have two chairs at the top
Cosmic Andy: left chair when I’m talking from Cosmic Andy
Cosmic Andy: Right chair when i’m talking from VZones
L’AD: ok so this is you talking then
Cosmic Andy: Yep
Gemmy: so 2 speeches?
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: am I in the wrong seat?
Cosmic Andy: So if we can keep the stage chairs clear please.
Chia Pep: a big person can have dat seat
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: lov you too Pam
Keellyn: haha
Jennifer: hugss yorkie
shanny: chair is for staff yall
Cosmic Andy: Past, Present & Future Meeting covering a mixture of topics. Short talk from me following by any questions related to the topic.
Gemmy: he said leave stage seats MT
Chia Pep: he luies he luvs Marie
Chia Pep: lies*
L’AD: the chairs on the stage are to remain empty ppl
Dobe Lady: sorry
Luna: lmao
PetMePlease: Jeezus.. Had I stayed there the friggin meeting would of been over by now
Gemmy: weeeeeee
Keellyn: NICE one Mir
miracle: oppsie
Keellyn: uhuh
Cosmic Andy: Starting now.
Lady Devra: That is STAFF chair
Keellyn: ::snickering wildly::
Cosmic Andy: Host Rewards will be starting next week.
L’AD: yay!
Gemmy: w00t
Dia: yay
Dia: ty
miracle: nice tie
<system>: Name: Anime Tie
<system>: Original Price: 175
<system>: Description: This is an accessory.
Cosmic Andy: This will be work in progress but hosts will be rewarded 1G per hosted game.
Luna: 😮
Chia Pep: wow nice
Gemmy: w000t
L’AD: nice
Pyewacket: Make sure you post winners in the Game winners folder in the forum
Luna: <jump><jump><jump>
Cosmic Andy: Any questions on this topic?
Coal: Very nice reward
Peach Toadstool: nice incentive
Luna: what if the game has to be cancelled? still count for our time?
Keellyn: I picked a good time to come off LOA
PetMePlease: does main avie have to be host?
Pyewacket: also post if you had to cancel for LOP
Dia: no question but a thank you <jump>
miracle: LOL
Pyewacket: if its LOP it counts but you need to post
Cosmic Andy: If the game is cancelled then no reward can be claimed.
PetMePlease: I ask cause I hold all the G but Poo wins it and she would be the host Nto me
K1TT1: what if you get a sub for your game
Cosmic Andy: Sub is ok yes.
K1TT1: will the sub get the reward
miracle: nice
Cosmic Andy: Pye will manage this and we can deliver the G to a specific avatar yes.
Luna: LOP?
K1TT1: lack of players
PetMePlease: TY
Lady Devra: lack of people
Pyewacket: lack of players + LOP
Luna: thats what i meant by cancel, ty
Cosmic Andy: If you are LOP need to go out and drag them in.
Pyewacket: LOL
Cosmic Andy: or message staff to page for you which can’t be done all the time but random times is ok.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: what’s a LOP?
PetMePlease: Lack of Players
Gemmy: they just said it 5 times
Cosmic Andy: Ok moving on.
shanny: lol
Luna: lol
Gemmy: <react>
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I try to avoid LOPS
Cosmic Andy: Christmas 2018
Jippo: we all get 1 million gold
Luna: cancelled <grin>
PetMePlease: Is it gonna be Amazing?
Cosmic Andy: We will be opening Christmas areas on the 14th December.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I had LOPS in high school
Peach Toadstool: sweet
Luna: omg LOL
Cosmic Andy: Hopefully will the best yes.
shanny: awesome
PetMePlease: Great !
Cosmic Andy: Games, quests, shops, new areas, maze, new art, new token art, new aw art and a few official party days.
Cosmic Andy: So lot’s coming for then.
shanny: woot
Dia: ooh nice
Cosmic Andy: Any questions before moving on?
Keellyn: I didn’t hear events…
Coal: sounds awesome!
Peach Toadstool: that’s a lot
Pyewacket: event too
Peach Toadstool: good work
Gemmy: plz events
Luna: real prizes <jump>
Pyewacket: yep
Dia: <jump><jump>
Luna: wooohoooo
Gemmy: nice
Cosmic Andy: we have new art prizes
shanny: yay
Luna: <jump>
Cosmic Andy: moving on.
Cosmic Andy: Sponsored activities has started now.
miracle: will events be staff planned or will individual avies be able to do events?
shanny: ty for bringing pans back
L’AD: you mean like the pans??
Keellyn: PANS
Keellyn: ::drools::
L’AD: stop droolin sis
Keellyn: can’t
Pyewacket: Host organized events will be coming back
Cosmic Andy: Sponsored activities are done by members.
Luna: well this side of the room is soaked now
shanny: she at it again lad
shanny: lol
miracle: nice
Keellyn: yup<react><react>
Dia: omg woot <jump><jump> events
Cosmic Andy:
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: many people are still lost in the pas
shanny: omg yes
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: pans
Gemmy: like voucher hunts?
Cosmic Andy: Like the voucher hunt yep
Cosmic Andy: musical chairs etc
Cosmic Andy: None software based games
Peach Toadstool: ghost races
Peach Toadstool: lol
Gemmy: nice
Cosmic Andy: yep ghost races
Cosmic Andy: So i’ll be working directly with members on this over the next 2 weeks to get more and more members helping and hosting.
Cosmic Andy: Any questions on this?
Kellie: Hurrah!
Pammie: who do we see to become a host
Luna: Pyewacket
Pyewacket: lol me
Jennifer: ya I want to host too
Cosmic Andy: You can apply at
Pyewacket: well for regular ames
Kizza: I have a question from a non-host<wave>
Pyewacket: yep ——————————————> for the sponsored activities
Cosmic Andy: Moving on…
Kizza: There was talk of increasing the number prizes per game and yet they remain the same
Pammie: kizza has a ?
Cosmic Andy: No plans yet to increase prizes per game. Plans next will be to improve the prizes.
Cosmic Andy: moving on…
Luna: woooo
L’AD: yay
shanny: nice
Cosmic Andy: So for 2018 that is everything that is new. Christmas is the big focus and next big event.
Pammie: poofing and lag have been a nightmare lately…any news ?
Cosmic Andy: I’ll come to that shortly.
Pammie: kk
Cosmic Andy: Now it’s story time with Andy
Dia: lol
Pammie: lol
shanny: lol
Luna: and Buzz?
Kellie: LOL
Peach Toadstool: the double role is funny
Pyewacket: LOL
Peach Toadstool: like good cop bad cop with one person
Cosmic Andy: Some of you might not be aware but I was an original player in the 90s.
Peach Toadstool: yep
shanny: yes
Cosmic Andy: For many years I played as a regular member.
Luna: i was not, cause i was being born <grin>
Gemmy: lol
Cosmic Andy: I played the games
Cosmic Andy: I went shopping
Cosmic Andy: I collected everything.
Dia: did you decorate
Peach Toadstool: we’re all born sometime
Cosmic Andy: I made a few bad turfs yep lol
Dia: lol
shanny: i collect everything dont i sis<relax>
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I cybered<wave>
L’AD: in other words he gets it ppl
Cosmic Andy: So I know exactly what it’s like to be a member
PetMePlease: I was cybering on AOL <react>
Luna: <relax>
Cosmic Andy: When you become staff, a developer or owner it’s different.
Kellie: Very!
Coal: You got a lot of power and responsibility laid on you real fast then!
Cosmic Andy: I get from a to b much quicker <grin>
Cosmic Andy: But the important point is that I know and can still feel what it’s like to be a member.
Cosmic Andy: I left around 2000
Cosmic Andy: I came back 2013 and in 2014 and joined up again.
Cosmic Andy: But what i came back to was what I call a mess.
shanny: 2014 ugh when we went buh bye
Gemmy: hot mess
Kellie: ugh! 2014 was horrible
shanny: very
Keellyn: understatement
Coal: You saw the end, thats for sure!
Rodeo bad chick: yes very hot mess
Cosmic Andy: Now remember my last time playing was 2000
Polly: slow, sad death
shanny: yes i was here on village porch with everyone last day
shanny: very sad
Cosmic Andy: So when I came back I was excited.
shanny: indeed polly
Peach Toadstool: 2013 was definitely the era of she-who-shall-not-be-named
shanny: ugh plz no
Cosmic Andy: But what i found was problem after problems, members fighting in public, banning and blocking and just all over the place.
PetMePlease: Almost how it is now
Cosmic Andy: So I made a few offers to purchase the business and failed.
Keellyn: many of us did but didn’t have 10 million dollars to spend<react>
Cosmic Andy: When we managed to purchase the business later on it was with a view of bringing back VZones and resolving the problems so we can have a happy, well run place to live in and keep the history of what is a very special place.
shanny: happy to be home
Dia: me too
JohnJ: indeed
Rodeo bad chick: feels great to be home again
Coal: I am so happy being here again!
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: love being back
Cosmic Andy: So you may not always like changes, ideas or things we do but I want you to know that anything we do it’s being done with the view of it being the best solution for VZones.
JohnJ: yep
Peach Toadstool: thank you for bringing back the worlds
L’AD: amen
Peach Toadstool: (the now combined world)
shanny: most def
Cosmic Andy: It’s impossible to please everyone. We understand that.
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: very true
Jippo: bring back SC
Cosmic Andy: Some things we do may not be popular but again it’s done with what we believe is the best thing for the long term.
Luna: AMEN
Kellie: I’m just pleased as punch to have VZones back.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: lol
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: i am also
Kellie: A programming question Andy, if I may. (says Kellie)
Gemmy: SC would be awesome
Peach Toadstool: long term thinking is crucial
Cosmic Andy: I’ll take questions shortly.
Dia: story time is over
Kellie: kk
Dia: back to official business
Kizza: SK first~!
Cosmic Andy: Official support changes….
L’AD: you should change your tie when you switch chairs
Peach Toadstool: that which benefits all parties
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: yes sk first
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: brb rebeering
Cosmic Andy: If you need official support it now needs to be from a support ticket or forum post.
PetMePlease: LOL
Luna: Dont worry, SC will always be last lol
Cosmic Andy: Facebook & social media is not a place to get official customer support, billing issues etc.
VaBelle: thought that was already the ase
Peach Toadstool: changing ties for changing roles… I don’t know why, but that somehow makes me think of Doctor Who
Pammie: lol
Cosmic Andy: I see lot’s of people posting on facebook expecting answers to questions that are lost in posts on Facebook.
Cosmic Andy: This is why we moved the support to places that we can track, log etc.
JohnJ: but some Still can’t get into Forums !
Lady Devra: file a ticket…
Pammie: i prefer tickets to forums
PetMePlease: some post that they HAVE submitting tix and havent heard anything .. then when they post on FB, they get responses
Peach Toadstool: tickets are personal, yep
Cosmic Andy: So posting on FB complaining your issue is not getting resolved won’t help as we won’t monitor in detail to find questions.
Cosmic Andy: So if it’s important and needs an answer please submit a ticket or forum post.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I only post my breakfast<shrug>
Cosmic Andy: If you need help with login/forum then let us know and we will help you sort it.
Pammie: lol
PetMePlease: So U guys need to make sure everyone can get into Forums and ALL tickets are responded to ..
Dia: lol
Cosmic Andy: So why did we do this?
Lady Devra: stalker !!!!
VaBelle: are there tacks in that seat?
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: and sometimes Harley videos
Keellyn: ::looks for whoopy cushion::
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: hey
Cosmic Andy: Over the past few months the posts on the Facebook group were starting to be like what it was in 2014.
Pammie: i have always been happy with the tickets i have submited…just saying
Cosmic Andy: conspiracy theories, speculation and rumors
shanny: yep
Furio: Jippo told me to sit here <react>
Jennifer: Furio hugsss
Cosmic Andy: Which is really not helpful for anyone and it’s really not helpful for new members to come and see it.
shanny: furio
Furio: hugss all <wave>
shanny: hugss
PetMePlease: Honestly Andy .. the only conspiracy i hear or should I say read, comes from U when world goes down and Ur accusing others of doing things to keep us from staying up
Cosmic Andy: If you have ideas for changes or problems then it’s perfectly fine to post it in the official FB group.
Cosmic Andy: Put posting messages like the message PetMePlease posted a few days ago saying “I think they offered the turfs back to sell more VIP memberships” and shouldnt offer what they can’t deliver is not what the official facebook group was designed for.
PetMePlease: that was posted on Madames page
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: ohhhh no you didn’t !!!!!
Cosmic Andy: My point with this is that myself & everyone at VZones are trying to build the community up, make this place amazing and make it fun.
Luna: ima make some popcorn <react>
Cosmic Andy: So what I’m asking is can we all work together to do this.
Gemmy: word
Kellie: amen!
JohnJ: yep
Jennifer: thats fine to post that on Madames page
Rodeo bad chick: you got it Andy
Cosmic Andy: We all need to be positive and help each other out.
Cosmic Andy: We need to look after each other.
Cosmic Andy: Open our turfs to each other
PetMePlease: Im trying to be positive.. Im still here.. I was offered my money back .. and I said No
Pammie: yup the good, the bad and the ugly
Luna: I keep trying to make ppl open up thier closets but they ses no all the time <sigh>
Cosmic Andy: Sub games, swap items, help and care
Dia: there is a lot of that going on
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I believe I speak for most members of Rose Ave although they may object completely, and deny even knowing me
PetMePlease: lol
brot: hi
shanny: we need members to stop with the bashing
brot: it is I
shanny: other members
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: we love VZ
brot: <gets pop corn>
shanny: i see it n ive been at other end
Kizza: *blinks*
brot: i love Sherri
Luna: that will never stop
brot: blinks
shanny: omg luna hush
shanny: lol
Luna: that wont stop anywhere
Cosmic Andy: To confirm if you have a complaint, problem or idea that’s fine.
Luna: wasnt shanny <relax>
Luna: uh…
Cosmic Andy: Even message me direct if you need to complain. I’ll talk to anyone.
Luna: wasnt me *
Gemmy: lol
shanny: lol
PetMePlease: bashing comes in many ways.. I dont mind being picked out tonight cause I can handle it and it wont go any further and I believe Andy knows that and thats why he picked ME..
Pammie: i have also been a victum of rose ave
miracle: cannot message when esp is blocked<shrug>
Lady Devra: ffs…
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I think Officer Frank is long overdue for a Police Station?
Dia: a victim of rose avenue? for the love
miracle: unless we are lucky enuff to catch you iw
brot: <munches pop corn>
Gemmy: lmao
Luna: thats where all the cool kids hang out, right?
miracle: not on my side of the playground<G>
Luna: do you have swings on your side?
Cosmic Andy: So from now on if anything is posted on the official facebook page, forums or FB fan group which is classed as bashing, arguing, fighting etc it will be removed.
miracle: i do
K1TT1: Andy if we have an issue or a need what is the fastest most direct almost guaranteed way to reach you
Luna: may i swing?
brot: is this just a random shout out are we talking about techincal advancements wanted?
Lady Devra: Yes !!!!!!!!!
Lady Devra: ty
Pammie: tytyty
Cosmic Andy: This is with a view of keeping it positive for everyone else to enjoy what we have.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: that’s how Nazi Germany started
Cosmic Andy: Nearly done on this and will take questions.
Lady Devra: offs
Gemmy: snicker
Luna: snort
Lady Devra: have a beer cappy
Keellyn: ::dying::
JohnJ: recap
miracle: …yesh we have monkey bars too<G>
JohnJ: lol
Luna: woop
Cosmic Andy: I’m not a member of the unofficial fan group but I was sent a copy of a post by Larry complaining that VZones has lost it’s magic and not the same as it was in 1995.
Luna: i suck at those though
Dia: i am going to that playground
brot: I want to know if you will be available on the weekends to help me sort out the fusion reactions and the cost of muon, Andy?
Pammie: amen
Luna: Hi Larry <wave>
shanny: its not 1995 its 2018
Cosmic Andy: Now I can promise you we are doing everything we can to make it better than 1995.
Dia: we have Pans back…they’re pretty magical
Kellie: and we’re all a bunch of old, complaining coots. (<react>)
Luna: tonight we’re gunna party like its 1699
Donna: Im trying to get into the vzones fan group and no one will add me
miracle: hehehe
VaBelle: regardless of the year, we still wish for the magic
JohnJ: me too
Jennifer: I want 1995 back I was 13 didn’t know of this place
shanny: i not old
shanny: lol
HummBee: don’t look back, look forward
Cosmic Andy: This will take time and a new style of magic will be back. For some people the magic is back and others not yet.
Pammie: we’re old enough to let things go…not carry the tails…ironing our dirty laundry
Devan: my name was logged out and now i can’t get back in
Luna: i was 5 <grin>
Lady Devra: TY Humm !!!!
shanny: i love worlds n everyone here
Gemmy: hush luna
brot: ok wort is bored I apologize but I will be leaving. Yall have fun.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I loved the 90’s<shrug>
Luna: <sigh>
Lady Devra: Beautifuly Said !
miracle: lol
shanny: but just want us to be happy n have fun
Cosmic Andy: As Shanny said it’s 2018 now. We live in a very different time to 1995.
Pammie: i try and love everyone
Luna: yea…
Luna: i fully know how to use the potty now
Luna: *beams*
Gemmy: lmao
Gemmy: dirty
Lady Devra: <snort> Lunit
PetMePlease: I wish it was 1995.. my knees worked lol
Jippo: lol
shanny: hard to be nice to others when u get treated like shit for no reason
Pammie: lol
Peach Toadstool: and you know that I love you all and would sacrifice anything here to make sure you all are protected
VaBelle: ditto that
Cosmic Andy: But my point is. Everyone feels the magic differently and it will come back to them at different times.
VaBelle: knees
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: Bad Karma
Kellie: It **WILL** come back!
Pammie: ty peaches
Cosmic Andy: Ok taking questions on this before we move on.
Luna: i had one and forgot
shanny: yes i believe we have a great world n only better coming
Dia: i want cosmic andy to answer the questions
K1TT1: Andy if we have an issue or a need what is the fastest most direct almost guaranteed way to reach you
Dia: jk <react><react>
Cosmic Andy: Make a support ticket with subject ATTN: ANDY
K1TT1: with a response a short time later
miracle: ticket
Coal: I know you guys are all awesome and whatever the reason you are here, I do care for everyone and have tried to show it by helping in ways I could and knew how and will always devote my love back to this community. I am happy for what you have done Andy.
Havana: I would like to know when the next round of nH turfs will be reinstated please.
miracle: makes not to resubmit all my tickets SUBJECt line ATTN: ANDY sigh
Havana: and ty
miracle: is that whey they are not answered??? i put subject
miracle: not ANDY
Pammie: what should be our behavior level in open public locales ?
miracle: grumbles
Cosmic Andy: Any questions before I move onto the final 2 topics?
shanny: <relax>
Havana: I just asked
Keellyn: are you going to change chairs again?
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: are you kidding me?
Madness: Or if one can get previously restored turf issues fixes
Gemmy: <react>
Gemmy: not to act like 12 yr olds
shanny: behavior level??
Keellyn: found the whoopy cushion
Cosmic Andy: Questions now please only on what was just talked about. Any other question at the end.
shanny: ur an adult yes?
Madness: bbrraapp
Dia: keel can i push your button
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I gotta tell ya,… I have a broken behavior level thingy
Keellyn: push it and see Baybeeee
Cosmic Andy: See:
Pammie: yes i am
Pammie: but i dont attack others
L’AD: we know that capt
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: lol
Cosmic Andy: Look out for each. Help each other. Have fun and enjoy it.
shanny: sure i say shit fire but its a southern thing i say here n rw
shanny: lol
Cosmic Andy: Ok moving on.
Gemmy: shit fire and save the matches
Luna: we noticed
Luna: a lot
Luna: <relax>
K1TT1: ugh that was fun not
K1TT1: Fire in the hole
Cosmic Andy: Poofing & technical stuff
Madame Titzenass: not mine
Pammie: for every 1 person that thinks i am trouble, theres 20 that know better
Keellyn: haha
Jennifer: Hugss Titzy
K1TT1: yes poofing I just did that
Peach Toadstool: (((hugs)))
Keellyn: is that what smells?
Luna: WTG
Cosmic Andy: Last few days we had some tcp drops (poofing)
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: alot
Pammie: major
K1TT1: bit of lag as well
Pammie: all week
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: 6 times during a game
Luna: massive
Cosmic Andy: We are doing two things related to this.
miracle: was told it happens when turfs get moved
Peach Toadstool: switch to UDP
Luna: sorry… just wanted to add a word also
Peach Toadstool: kidding
Dia: hey…we stayed inworld thru the radio show this week <react> progress
Pammie: lol for sure
Cosmic Andy: 1) Solving the issue that caused it this week. It’s still being worked on but it’s being caused by turfs that were moved from NH/DS old databases.
<system>: Open URL:
Pammie: i knew that
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: just give everyone 100K and we can move on
shanny: lol
Kellie: LOL says Kellie
miracle: pft
Keellyn: ::snort::
shanny: i just need gold
Pammie: there ya go lol
shanny: lol
miracle: more like millions,sigh
Cosmic Andy: All the past owners never had the issues we have with moving massive amounts of items from one world to another.
miracle: 100k peanuts
Luna: I wish i had peanuts then
Cosmic Andy: It’s not a simple task and causing lot’s of issues you don’t see that we are working on and planning changes for.
Jennifer: I have only 50k
Luna: <sigh>
Pammie: not to mention how many items are glitched in the turfs
Keellyn: none of us have massive amounts of items ::innocent look::
Gemmy: my containers are a mess lol
miracle: lmao
Pammie: i know i dont anymore
Polly: could be that too, pammie, good answer.
Jennifer: omg Pet tyty your sooo sweet!
Cosmic Andy: So not really much else I can say about it other than we know it’s a pain and we are working on it. Without stopping moving data over we may see some more until it’s fully sorted.
miracle: what is hoarding?
Pammie: hey remember certain items would gltitch your body
PetMePlease: <grin>
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: scrolling,..I was rebeering
Pammie: i was the first to report that lol
Cosmic Andy: What we are planning to release in the coming months is an update to the client with auto relogin option.
Lady Devra: *sis on hands*
Rodeo bad chick: very nice
K1TT1: ooo that sounds neat
miracle: are they cold
PetMePlease: LOL Dev
Pammie: i cant afford to hoard any more, but do love my pixels
Cosmic Andy: We have tested this locally and it works well but building it into the client with settings and to be tested will take longer.
Rodeo bad chick: thats understandable
Cosmic Andy: When enabled it will simply re connect you automatically.
Pammie: All this poofing has caused a loss in tokens…
K1TT1: Question Andy
miracle: nice
K1TT1: if you drop out here
Kellie: I’ve been cleaning out my storage turfs and would LOVE to be able to pawn at 100% on a more regular basis.
K1TT1: and it auto relogs you into summerland
K1TT1: when here is back up
miracle: 100 percent pawn help with the hoarding at all???
K1TT1: will you kick us out of summerland so it will auto us back here
Kellie: It helps me.
Cosmic Andy: VZones requires a constant TCP connection to the server.
K1TT1: and will it be just one avi on an account or all
Pammie: i be willing to pay you 100 % on any stuff i might want <grin>
Furio: doesn’t auto log me in anywhere .. I just get booted and can’t get in <shrug>
Cosmic Andy: It’s got no buffer like you’ll see in modern software which would lag you and pull you back in.
miracle: LOL
Cosmic Andy: This drops, exits and your out.
Cosmic Andy: So it’s just saving you the hassle of having to re log in manually.
Lady Devra: cept for those times it won’t let you go <react> and you cant get back in
Cosmic Andy: Good for over night parking also <grin>
Coal: That is an awesome change actually
Lady Devra: and you are hosting… pain in the ass…
Dia: ohhh that would be good for parking
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: can someone validate my parking?
VaBelle: does it work after a maintenance?
Pammie: in one game we poofed near 20 times
Pammie: it was real bad
Peach Toadstool: ooh, nice
L’AD: but we kept playing
Cosmic Andy: Lot’s of rumors still about Bill so if anyone has any questions related to this please ask now so once and for all it can be answered and the rumors stopped.
Pammie: yup, was a very short game and had a super host
Polly: yeah i think that was me, lol,, bringing a turf in. sorry
Luna: bad Polly
Luna: go to the corner
Madness: I’d just love to know what happened to him.
Pammie: i dont know what happened to bill
Gemmy: lol
Rodeo bad chick: face first
Polly: hey i own real estate in that corner already<react>
Luna: or relog in 20 tims, youre dicision
Lady Devra: I personally am sick of reading that IF Bill was brought back… none of this would be happeneing
Luna: times*
Pammie: wanna let us in
shanny: amen dev
Cosmic Andy: Bill quit working for VZones because he didn’t like the direction we were taking it. Simple as that really.
Madness: One of the first people I met in hallway.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: me too
Luna: I trip on my cat in the hallway
Gemmy: its been beat into the ground…ppl happens and always will
Cosmic Andy: It’s not a case of bringing Bill back. Bill did not and does not want to come back.
Cosmic Andy: We have people working on the code now full time & learning every part of it to a level that has never been done before.
Pammie: you everwhere your at now ?
Pammie: oppps
Pammie: ment for a chat
Cosmic Andy: We soon will hopefully have an original developer from 94 coming to join us. Not yet confirmed and still working on it. This will help bring speed to the developers we have now who are having to learn from the ground up.
Rodeo bad chick: If bill wanted to come back I feel he could pay for an account like the rest of us..
Cosmic Andy: Any questions on this before I move to the last toppic?
Pammie: nope
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: Bill is like Negan
Gemmy: LOL
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: We are Bill
Pammie: oh
Cosmic Andy: Ok last topic.
VaBelle: re: changes, thanks to those responsible for allowing an address to come up when you’ve lost your forum id so you can actually get a new one on yourown
Lady Devra: don’t log out <shrug> then no problems
Keellyn: shit I put away the whoopy cushion
VaBelle: pw not id
Cosmic Andy: 12 month membership plans have now been ended. If you already have an actice subscription for 12 months when the time comes you can renew it.
VaBelle: doen’t help with new equipmnt, lol
Cosmic Andy: But no new 12 month plans will be available.
Rodeo bad chick: ok
shanny: may i ask why
Madness: No grandfathering?
Pammie: cant afford to do that no how lol
Pammie: he said if you have one you can renew
Cosmic Andy: If you own a subscription now for 12 months you keep that as long as it’s active.
Madness: Ok missed that
shanny: no i dont have a yr
Kellie: So we will be offered a 12 month renewal if we currently have one.
Cosmic Andy: So that will renew at the 12 month special price.
Kellie: nm
shanny: was just curious
Cosmic Andy: We are also offering which you can signup for as a new subscription an option to take a break for upto 12 months.
miracle: is there a discount for paying 12 months??
Keellyn: not anymore
Cosmic Andy: It costs $1 a year as a storage fee and during that time for as long as needed we will store everything you have.
Lady Devra: WOW
Lady Devra: nice for those that need it
Rodeo bad chick: oh wow Andy fantastic
Dia: wow, yeah that is nice
Pammie: what i do notice is certain games arent played by many, just wondering why amount of players went from 5 to 6 players ?
Cosmic Andy: The $1/ year charge is basically just to keep an active subscription going to track the backup with your data in.
Coal: You know, that is freaking nice for people who just want to keep their avy
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: ‘m kinda coming to the age where I probably should be paying monthly anyway<shrug>
Cosmic Andy: So if you come to England to hang out with me for 3 months and can’t come IW then thats your option
Lady Devra: always has been 6 players
Lady Devra: since BETA
Cosmic Andy: <grin>
PetMePlease: Will we ever be able to make our login and pw’s our own? I cant remember the one I have now so If I log on from another place, its a bit confusing
shanny: lol
Coal: If we hang out with you, we better have a special connection like VZCon, think on the level of Blizzconn lol
VaBelle: You wouldn’t let us use you laptop jk
Keellyn: be careful what you ask for Andy
miracle: lol
Furio: so you’re admitting that we have log in problems in England Andy? <react>
shanny: i can cook n bake lol
Cosmic Andy: Ability to change logins will come in the future. It’s low priority now as the developers are working on learning every part of the system currently. This is the dev focus for the next few months.
Cosmic Andy: Ok open to any questions now on anything.
Kellie: Programming question
PetMePlease: TY .. I can wait.. just gotta save that 1st email LOL
Kellie: Kellie said
Jippo: are we getting pet avies back?
Cosmic Andy: cook n bake ok i’ll book tickets
Madness: Status of 2014 avie pocket tokens?
Keellyn: WHY didn’t you hand out popcorn before all of this??? <EG>
shanny: im ready
Peach Toadstool: the five player limit was a Metro thing… new VZones always had six
Luna: Andy i have a question via ESP after meeting?
Cosmic Andy: Pet avies yes I want these to come back. Just want new better art for them.
Kellie: In the other world we had the ability to click on a quip to see who spoke.
Jippo: ok thanks<grin>
Dia: the kitty has awesome art
Madness: right-click
Lady Devra: still do kellie
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: members art?
Lady Devra: right click
Kizza: you still have it in this world
Cosmic Andy: 2014 turf/pocket tokens will come back 2019 once we have burned off more CC tokens at auctions.
Kellie: Ah ha! TY Folks!!
Lady Devra: or right click on bland spot & see source
Lady Devra: blank*
Lady Devra: Will there be any other way to spend CC Tokens ?
Lady Devra: other than the auctions.
Dia: Can we get sparkles for Christmas
Cosmic Andy: Art program is in progress….slowly coming as we are getting more new art come in and the process around all of that smooth first.
Peach Toadstool: I think the right-click name ID on text is a bit buggy
Lady Devra: No it isnt
Luna: no
Cosmic Andy: Auctions for CC tokens first. May see vendos next year but nothing planned yet.
Lady Devra: and our tokens from nH ?
Peach Toadstool: odd; it was for me even recently
Madness: What about getting stuck on ‘hourglass-z?’ Related to poof/lag?
Lady Devra: what about those ?
Kellie: Having just learned about it I’m not finding it buggy at all.
Jennifer: when will mushroom turfs be back?
Peach Toadstool: sparkles?
shanny: i gotta feed fur baby shes yelling at me lol
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: what are VZ’s policies on border security?
Cosmic Andy: Hourglass no sorry. Should have covered that. This was caused by us working on a new backup system over the past week. Has stopped now while we continue work on dev server.
Lady Devra: <snort>
Madness: Like I can still receive, but not transmit.
Dia: Like Dark Matilda’s sparkles
Madness: Or hourglass{}
Lady Devra: nH Tokens ?
Cosmic Andy: NH tokens will come back as revalued tokens once we have finished moving turfs.
Lady Devra: ty
Jennifer: ty
Lady Devra: ahhh <react> you want to catchall those hiding in turfs….
Madness: Can I get help w/ previously-restored turfs?
Cosmic Andy: mushroom turfs to be restored back to TST elevator 3. Not many of these turfs so will try and get done in December.
Jennifer: ok ty
Cosmic Andy: Staff can help you with a turf problem yep
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: an the other turf place in sk gledorn i think
Rodeo bad chick: when Do you think all the turfs will be completely moved over
Pammie: i asked before i poofed why the change of 5 players tou 6 ? theres a few games that not many play at…
Kizza: When will SK be open so we can have access to all the wonderful locales and the body changers for the SK avatars???
Lady Devra: No Change
Jennifer: my Turf rents in river view is alot 1k a month is there any way for it to be lower
Lady Devra: always bee 6 players here
Dia: it;’s always been 6 here pammie
Lady Devra: 5 was MW
Lady Devra: 6 since BETA here
Cosmic Andy: SK turfs not moved it’s a very very small number left to do. Will try Dec also for this.
Jippo: 3 in SC<jump><jump>
Kizza: I have my turfs
Rodeo bad chick: what about the remainder of NH turfs
Kizza: I want access to SK
Kizza: all the SK bodies were vendo
JohnJ: are there Certain Staff oh hours, etc. ?
JohnJ: NH in 2019 he said
Kizza: and we have no access to them
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: What is VZ doing about another Marie Osmond concert?
JohnJ: or she
Dia: i cannot listen to her sing again
Keellyn: nothing I hope Cpt
Cosmic Andy: SK bodies are soon. Polly/Chime can advise?
shanny: oh boy
shanny: no cappy
Dia: Are body tickets body changes still limited to Fridays only?
Gemmy: can we get a swap schedule?
shanny: me either dia
Madness: Oh yeah body tickets
Havana: May I suggest a body changer for those of us that have tickets please?
Chime: If they have tickets for SK bodies?
shanny: ooo yes
shanny: fridays suck
shanny: lol
shanny: j/s
Chime: we should be able to change them into them on fridays?
Kizza: there were no tickets for any SK bodies except the warrior bodies
Cosmic Andy: SK bodies will be available soon.
Kizza: you had to earn those and got a ticket for it
Havana: not SK all other bodies
Kizza: but all the rest were vendo
Havana: to only be able to change the bodies on Fridays is tough<sigh>
Cosmic Andy: Riverview turf plan @ 1K we will review this rent.
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: All the Osmonds had great teeth
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: ever notice that?
shanny: omg hush
shanny: lol
Lady Devra: they used crest
shanny: hahaha
Madness: rickroll it instead
Dia: Buddy would like to know why there was not a Veteran’s Day vendo…he says thank you for the poppy also
Cosmic Andy: Mainly because everyone is working on Christmas.
VaBelle: If Christmas is the next big event, should we assume no estivities for the US Thanksgiving?
Lady Devra: It was Rememberence Day – World Wide
shanny: i cant wait for xmas
Lady Devra: how do you a do a Vendo for the world ?
Pammie: good one
Pammie: thanksgiving
L’AD: thanksgiving locales are out
Pammie: ??
Cosmic Andy: Will see some thanksgiving stuff but low key to allow us to focus on Christmas.
VaBelle: oh
Pammie: where
Madness: featuring a ‘quale’ lol
VaBelle: shere?
Madness: pp
VaBelle: where
shanny: pp
L’AD: promise park go left
shanny: go left
Pammie: will we have any nativity style items
Dia: The trees in the orchard are wonderful, thank you for that
VaBelle: will look later, ty
Cosmic Andy: No spoilers on items for Christmas. Sorry
shanny: xmas is my fav i cant wait
Kellie: Please don’t forget Hanukkah!
Luna: Can we have snow soon? <grin>
Coal: We can hear the jingle bells already
Pammie: i dont do santa
Cosmic Andy: I can’t control the weather
Madness: We had it yesterday rw
Luna: do et <frown>
Dia: Who can?
Cosmic Andy: <react>
Luna: <grin>
Lady Devra: figures
Dia: oh wait…i know…nm
Pammie: its drizzling in
Furio: could we please have announcements about festive locales opening in the Announcements section in forums? or is that too much to ask? <react><react>
shanny: hint polly
shanny: snowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Luna: Polly made fall
Luna: you make snow
Luna: <react>
Polly: i will<grin>
Luna: yay
Lady Devra: you were bitching the other day about snow Shanny
Gemmy: boo
Dia: polly is Mother Nature
Lady Devra: Make up your mind <react>
Luna: special snow where i park please
shanny: well rw
Madness: bury the park in nh?
Jippo: no snow till dec <jump>
shanny: i live in the freaking south
Gemmy: someone mute Luns
shanny: i hate it
Furio: another question ignored <shrug>
Luna: you can mute me
Buddy: it don’t snow where i am
miracle: gotta ditch the leaves 1st
Luna: you have the power of a iggy button
miracle: snow & leaves ack dirty
Cosmic Andy: Question missed. Not ignored.
Gemmy: i cant iggy snow<frown>
Cosmic Andy: Which question did I miss?
Luna: personal probs <grin>
Lady Devra: about announcements in the forum
Furio: about announcements
Dia: it was somewhere
Dia: blog maybe?
Kellie: Is there an IW link to the Forums like there is for the blog/newspaper?
Furio: some of us aren’t here all the time so it’s nice to know when festive locales have opened
Coal: Its on the blog
Pyewacket: yep they are always in blog
Furio: not all of us do FB
miracle: could we please have announcements about festive locals opening in the Announcements section in forums? ir is that too much to ask?
Pyewacket: blog isn’t fb
Polly: If I may, there are also updates in the Blog.
Furio: what’s wrong with having it in forums?
miracle: repeated or tried
Cosmic Andy: Yep ok. Noted on that and will make sure we do in future.
Lady Devra: read the blog
Lady Devra: dont need forum access for that <react>
miracle: whats blog ???
Furio: there is an Announcement section?
Chime: lol
Cosmic Andy: We will post in the forums & blog & FB official in future yes.
Rodeo bad chick: also is there any way we can have the hunts announced so peeps know it has started
Dia: it’s linked to the MS door or the paper on the outside of TST
Gemmy: it literally says “announcements”
Kellie: Yes Beannie, I know the URL but sometimes it is easier to just click on a link.
Furio: forums is fine by me ty
Keellyn: snorts
Cosmic Andy: Hunts you would like a broadcast message?
Rodeo bad chick: yes please
L’AD: ty andy for your time I must run! hugzzzzzz all<wave>
Cosmic Andy: That should be fine yes.
Keellyn: huggs Sis
Dia: or else a designated begin spot so people can gather and know it’s beginning
Rodeo bad chick: ty Andy
Gemmy: i need a broadcast alarm for when its time for me to host
Kellie: LOL
Lady Devra: Andy – I esped Pye – But I guess it is you – The wee bit in the Sched today… was basically NO INfor on the Voucher Hunt
shanny: haha
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: are there any updates on the missing rocking chair at the townhouses?
Gemmy: sometimes i almost sleep through it
Pyewacket: we will have a schedule and a way for you to see iw if there is someone dropping for hunts
Kellie: TY Pye
Lady Devra: It said not where it was starting, how it was being run… etc etc etc
Kellie: Like to old “Who is IW” in the temple.
Dia: Cappy….officer frank should be on the case? no?
CeCeBella: I hunted and found 2 3 vouchers
shanny: i found 3
Pammie: i knew nada
Kizza: A who’s hiding zone
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I believe he said he was….but he was drunk
PetMePlease: thaty message gets attention
Kellie: I didn’t even know there was a hunt
Cosmic Andy: Voucher hunts ok. I will get the schedule updated with details.
shanny: it was on schedule
Lady Devra: TY SIr <bow>
shanny: waited for time n went hunting
Kizza: what voucher hunt
Kizza: hahahaha
Lady Devra: hush shanny
Lady Devra: infor is needed !
Gemmy: <react>
Pammie: i have issues half the time to be in here i cant run the page
shanny: well shit fire
Pammie: i’m not the only one
Lady Devra: back at ya <react>
shanny: lol
VaBelle: same here, waited and hunted, but in finding nothing had no idea if there was no hunt or if I was just unlucky
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: the rocking chair theft has alot of members locking their doors at night
Lady Devra: guess i shuld say shit snow <react> being up north
shanny: someone stealing chairs <relax>
Dia: doors should be locked anyway
Luna: ya ass would freeze
Madness: frozen yule logs
Lady Devra: oui lunit
Pammie: peeps should leave them be
shanny: im in way deep south
shanny: lol
shanny: not in mich no more
Luna: sorry
MissyMegan: Fisher and I would play more games if we knew what times and the local they were in….So far most games have been by chance..Can we have a daily list of games?
Lady Devra: what’s on the ground <react> is free
Luna: bum*?
Pammie: i have lost alot of logs, so bad i quit buying them
Luna: there is a day list LOL
Dia: people should not place things on the ground they care about
Gemmy: LOL
Cosmic Andy: to see daily games
Lady Devra:
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: haven’t seen anything like this since Jesus peeing in Promise Park
Gemmy: lmao
Pammie: others had theirs out
Luna: View as: DAY
Lady Devra: i have it open all the time
MissyMegan: Thanks a bunch!
Furio: I think it is still good etiquette to aak before picking up anything on the ground <shrug>
MissyMegan: Hugs yall!<grin>
Furio: just my opinion
Gemmy: it is but we all know better
Pammie: i agree
Dia: i agree, however, that is not how it works
Pammie: especailly all the world poofing going on
Lady Devra: you didn’t just join Furio <react> you know better
Lady Devra: <grin>
Gemmy: dont leave things out on purpose..ive poofed while sitting on a chair and it was held for me
Furio: yeah and you would think others know better too <shrug>
Gemmy: but that doesnt always happen
Lady Devra: would think…
Luna: soooooo
Dia: lol
Lady Devra: people IW are no different than RW
Luna: we done?
Pammie: no time to stand up whenya poof
Lady Devra: it happens…
Pammie: if it aint yours leave it
Cosmic Andy: I think we are done yep. Anyone need to ask anything before we go?
Lady Devra: OOO Yes
Dia: just dont park on your very most favorite purkle garbage can and you’ll be fine
Rodeo bad chick: Ty for your time Andy
Madness: Is there a certian time I could borrow a staff member for turf issues?
VaBelle: What’s for dinner?
Lady Devra: one please Andy
Lady Devra: the new houses – like L’AD got
JohnJ: any Staff hours ?
Furio: yes but people can try to be better in here yes?
Coal: Thanks you guys for all you do for us, I know we are thankful and its even close to the “American Thanksgiving” time so I am saying thanks on behalf of that also!
Madness: nukem dinners
VaBelle: tyvm for being here
Lady Devra: when will they be up for sale ?
Dia: yes furio
Cosmic Andy: No fixed staff hours at this time nope sorry.
Pammie: yes they can, will they ???
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: brb taking my RW pants off
Cosmic Andy: Houses first week of December. I’ll make sure they are available.
Luna: LOL
Keellyn: TMI
Dia: oh lord
Lady Devra: TY So much
Rodeo bad chick: TY Andy Do you know the pricing as of now
Lady Devra: and ffs Cappy
shanny: oh nice
miracle: will there be an auctin each weekend?
PetMePlease: LOL
VaBelle: xute froggie Dev
Dia: Thank you so much Andy
PetMePlease: Is Marie coming over?
Pammie: thanks andy for your time
miracle: & when & where will this be announced? o
Pammie: its been a good meeting ty
Lady Devra: BLOG
Laesea: ty for the meeting and ty to all of you for everything you do for us
Lady Devra: announced in the BLOG
Cosmic Andy: Auctions will be member run.
Keellyn: where was it announced?? <G>
Dia: wait
JohnJ: can someone post meeting notes in FB please ?
Dia: member run?
Cosmic Andy: Every other week I’m planning for. Will see.
Madness: vzbay?
shanny: lol
Dia: like Coal did last time?
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: I’m not gonna remember any of this tomorrow
Dia: or?
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: somebody take a screenshot
Peach Toadstool: oh cool
Coal: I will have them posted on in a bit (others may post meeting notes also)
shanny: stop drinking sir
shanny: lol
JohnJ: what memory ? lol.
Keellyn: I’d have to remove all the snarky ESP’s from my notes
Pyewacket: It will be posted in the blog – summary and full text
Coal: or that
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: oh dear
Dia: Andy
Pyewacket: LOL
Coal: I like Pye’s better <react>
Dia: what do you mean by member run?
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: thank you andy polly pyewecket and chime for all
Keellyn: Ty for the meeting and the communication Andy<bow>
Kizza: ( have another question . . . will you be giving us back the teleporter outside the Heath?
Luna: lol
Kellie: TY Andy! Later folks! <wave><bow>
Luna: smh
Keellyn: Can we have the heath back while we’re at it
Dia: we need one by game dome for real its SO FAR
LapinFou: I miss the blood bridge in heath
LapinFou: <grin>
Kizza: there was always a teleporter there before and it was a good way to get to this part of town
shanny: shit fire dia
Dia: yes there was <jump>
Dia: shit fire shanny <bow>
JohnJ: need it !
Lady Devra: shit snow <react>
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: oh yes the bridge with blood i remember that
Pammie: oh yes, thanks to whoever that lowered the teleporter, i use it alot
shanny: in here yes
Luna: so many other issues and you guys worry about teleporters?
shanny: rw NO
shanny: no one to keep my ass warm
shanny: hahahaha
Pammie: need more locations added
Kizza: this is a place to ask questions
shanny: my fur baby is gotten lazy
Kizza: and that is what I am doing
Luna: that was a question <react>
Lady Devra: OOOO FTLOG….
Luna: oh ok, me too
JohnJ: yep
Pammie: ty andy and staff
Dia: TY Andy
VaBelle: ghosting
Cosmic Andy: Thank you all for coming.

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