Welcome to Summerland!

During the downtime tonight I was able to get some pictures of the Summerland locales and since people ask about it I figured I would share some of it for everyone to enjoy.

All in all it seems like a small island. You are able to get pretty much any head or body you want from some vendos and they offer a decent selection of paints.

When you first land on the island you go on a voyage on the Argo, I did not get photos of that yet but I will.

This is the locale you see right before entering the Island

You then move forward into this locale

You can go right into this locale.

On the left is this locale with all your body and head needs

Going forward from the entrance you are greeted with this fountain

Next you find a bar with an entrance to the beach

Moving forward you see this beach locale

Going left you find this locale with chairs

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