Winter Storm VZones Meeting

A Winter Storm is coming to VZones/WorldsAway in 2018! Here is the text of Brother Echo announcing this incoming weather!

Peach Toadstool: hiya, Andy
Catolyte M. Melinda: Lol
Selena: hugz Andy
Coal: Hiya Andy
shanny: sissy
shanny: i lost u
Cosmic Andy: hey
LowRider: hi andy
Peach Toadstool: (((hugs)))
Lil Bud: huggies andy
DustyBritches: hugs Andy
Peach Toadstool: Chime
Peach Toadstool: hiya
Chime: Huggs everyone
Érè: yo andy
DustyBritches: Chime
shanny: Hugss Andy
Ziggy: Yo Big A
shanny: chime
Cosmic Andy: hugs
Catolyte M. Melinda: Hiyas
shanny: polly
Cherrie: hi andy
Cherrie: hi chime
shanny: whoever else
Selena: hugz Pye
shanny: is here
Essence: hugz yall
M1N1 M30W: where is is Brother Echo?
DustyBritches: Polly
Peach Toadstool: (((hugs))) Pye
Cosmic Andy: Brother Echo is on his way
DustyBritches: Pye
Érè: polly turn yr butt
Érè: lol
Pyewacket: hugggggz
Essence: he in room
Selena: hugz Polly
Peach Toadstool: (((hugs))) Polly
Érè: hi ya pye
Lil Bud: huggies chime
Ziggy: He went into bathroom
JohnJ: passed by us
Cherrie: hugs polly
LowRider: hi polly
Lil Bud: polly tpp wow
shanny: trying to make room for peeps
LowRider: hi chime
Stray: Huggs Maeby baby
Maeb: purrrzzz
Catolyte M. Melinda: Hope you guys didnt change in here too much. I like my retro feel :-p
LowRider: hi pye
Ziggy: I heard a flush. Hope he washes
DustyBritches: did I say you could wear blue?
Essence: hugz
Catolyte M. Melinda: Huggs
Selena: hugz Ziggy
Keellyn: small room
Pyewacket: Hiya stalker
Cosmic Andy: Blue is the color
Keellyn: nobody fart
Ziggy: Hugz
Selena: Hugz Chime
shanny: sorry chime
Peach Toadstool: hiya, Brother Echo
shanny: well hello
Brother Echo:
Chime: np sweetie
LowRider: hi brother
shanny: hahah
Cosmic Andy: Hello Brother Echo
Ziggy: Sup Echo
Catolyte M. Melinda: Bloo is my color.. hush you LOL
DustyBritches: it is it is
Catolyte M. Melinda: Heheh
Chime: Hugs Brother Echo
shanny: rubs the head
Cherrie: hi brother Echo
Érè: brat dan
Selena: Hugs Brother Echo
Brother Echo: Thank you all for coming today.
Ziggy: Wanna buy a
Dan: lol
Catolyte M. Melinda: Beee
Peach Toadstool: (((hugs))) Dan
Polly: push
DustyBritches: hugs Brother Echo
Dan: How is every body today?
Lil Peanut Bastage: I Didn’t Do It
Keellyn: high
LowRider: hi dan
Selena: hugs Dan
Cherrie: hi dan
Peach Toadstool: this body is doing well
Catolyte M. Melinda: Hugs
Peach Toadstool: how about yours?
Ziggy: koff
Brother Echo: We have to clear out soon so we can get back to the radio show so I will jump right in.
DustyBritches: hugs Dan
Brother Echo: I come to you with worrying news.
Catolyte M. Melinda: Im still looking fabulous, so im good hah ( my how healghy am i hasnt changed in 23 years..)
Peach Toadstool: uh oh
Ziggy: eep
Catolyte M. Melinda: Healthy
Peach Toadstool: what’s wrong?
Brother Echo: Over the past couple of days over the mountains we have seen temperatures dropping and winds picking up.
Catolyte M. Melinda: Hmm?
Ziggy: Its Js farting
shanny: lol
Snarky Pep: ooo
Catolyte M. Melinda: Lmai
Peach Toadstool: oh boy
Catolyte M. Melinda: O
Érè: what ya doing in the mountains?
shanny: its me shanny laughing not andy
DustyBritches: I didn’t do it
Ziggy: Its the beans
Brother Echo: Vaserius retured from the seas yesterday reporting that the sea was too strong and he could not complete his trip.
Snarky Pep: is da Pans ok?
Stray: take the Argo
Catolyte M. Melinda: Use the teleport mwhah
JohnJ: what ?
Brother Echo: Based on what we are seeing with the weather in the mountains we are expecting a huge storm to hit the island by Saturday afternoon.
Petallypoo: the QE2 is good
Snarky Pep: ack
Polly: oh nooo
Ziggy: Ermmm
Selena: oh no
Snarky Pep: take covah
Ziggy: Pixel Tsunami
Peach Toadstool: whoa
Chime: eeek
shanny: lol
DustyBritches: do I need to write my will?
Ziggy: lol
Catolyte M. Melinda: Shovels for sale.. 100k!
Catolyte M. Melinda: Hah
Ziggy: Hahah
shanny: my pixel will
Essence: sissy batton down the turfs
Polly: huge storm?
shanny: ikr
Stray: Your Pixel Will What?
Gracie: we all going to drown
shanny: idk
Essence: turn up the heat i dont like to be cold
Polly: omg
Brother Echo: For the safety of everyone we have decided we need to evacuate on Saturday while the storm hits.
Snarky Pep: where do dey sell sandbags?
shanny: ikr
Ziggy: Time to seal up MS door
Catolyte M. Melinda: Pfft
Petallypoo: Is this for decorating?
Spookie: what did I miss?
Spookie: oh hai
shanny: cookies
shanny: the cookies r gone
JohnJ: i sell boats.
Keellyn: something about a storm
shanny: LOL
Ziggy: Cookies!
Stray: weather report
Spookie: omg cookies!
Peach Toadstool: evacuate??
DustyBritches: Andy did a strip tease
Catolyte M. Melinda: Milllkk milk and bread!
Essence: so the world is going to be closed saturday then
Peach Toadstool: now that’s reason to evacuate
Cosmic Andy: I have the Milk and Bread so we will be ok.
Snarky Pep: all da weebs will warsh awai :/
Petallypoo: from when til when?
Gracie: he built an ark so we can all go on.
Brother Echo: We do not know how bad the storm is going to be but we are expecting damage to the island and a lot of snow.
Spookie: I want no milk, I want cookies
Peach Toadstool: @DustyBritches
M1N1 M30W: ty
Selena: ty Andy
Coal: Oh my
Catolyte M. Melinda: Oh dear please font wreck my precious kymer
DustyBritches: lol
Catolyte M. Melinda: Seriously lol
Cherrie: i want milk AND cookies
Snarky Pep: milks!
DustyBritches: me too
Coal: oo treats
Peach Toadstool: milk and bread…
Brother Echo: We are going to need a lot of volunteers who can help us on Saturday.
LowRider: ty
Stray: Vodka
M1N1 M30W: so we have to cancel the radio show
Ziggy: Have any whiskey? ;b
shanny: LOL
Peach Toadstool: nog please
M1N1 M30W: what do we need to do
Catolyte M. Melinda: Okay
Catolyte M. Melinda: I di
Catolyte M. Melinda: Do
Cosmic Andy: everyone try not to panic
M1N1 M30W: where are we heading
: Name: Bread for the Big Storm ’18
: Original Price: 100
: Description: You can carry this, put it down, or put it in your pocket.
Calypso: I will help
DustyBritches: milk and cookies
Spookie: we get to play in the snow?
Catolyte M. Melinda: Lots if whisky hah
Lag O’Morph: flood insurance going on sale for gold?
Catolyte M. Melinda: Of
Selena: ok what will you need help with
Snarky Pep: mixes in ovaltine
Brother Echo: We will provide tools and supplies via vendo ASAP.
Keellyn: Panoc?? PANIC??? US?? Never
Gracie: thank you
Érè: k
shanny: HAHA
Petallypoo: Im gonna need booze.. Not milk
Ziggy: Andy, I can leave StrayKat here in charge of the world. He will guard things.
Érè: we can all pitch in
Calypso: ty
Coal: Hunker down for the big one folks!
Snarky Pep: hey
Catolyte M. Melinda: Spiked hot chocolate
Peach Toadstool: Ovaltine….haha, nice…. I miss drinking that
shanny: behind ya andy
Brother Echo: So the plan will be to evacuate everyone on Saturday around 1PM WA before we expect the storm.
DustyBritches: I just replaced the roof on my condo
Snarky Pep: Stray will cause zonewide chaos and anarchy
Lil Gia: ty andy
Ziggy: Haha
Snarky Pep: dun’t do it
Dan: brat
shanny: pooshers
Ziggy: oi
Cosmic Andy: I like hot chocolate too
Peach Toadstool: bumpity bump bump
Érè: i can see now
Ziggy: Earthquakes already
Érè: LOL
Cherrie: hope its strong enough to not cave in from the snow
Brother Echo: During this time to keep you safe you will need to take a boat trip to Summerland away from the storm.
DustyBritches: earth quake
Érè: ooo
JohnJ: kew
Stray: we can take shelter in echo’s cave
Catolyte M. Melinda: Pft
Riff Raff: ty
Selena: when are we to take the boat to the island
Peach Toadstool: that sounds like a plan
DustyBritches: cookie?
shanny: over here
DustyBritches: milk?
shanny: i hid
shanny: lol
shanny: im
M1N1 M30W: yes what time and when do you think we will be home
Brother Echo: To be safe you will need to get on the boat at 1pm WA
Ziggy: Can I interest anyone in flood insurance?
Petallypoo: can we play games there? earn tokens and wreck havoc?
Calypso: Im thinking you look pretty good with my curly hair Andy
shanny: ty kindly
Peach Toadstool: hopefully the blizzard will pass soon
Keellyn: ty
Catolyte M. Melinda: Thats early
: You’ve received Milk for the Big Storm ’18 from Cosmic Andy.
DustyBritches: ty ty
Coal: Thanks!
Brother Echo: Anyone late will have to take the risk and swim over
Snarky Pep: I can swim
Peach Toadstool: then we’ll see a bunch of Morpheus’ dandruff
Snarky Pep: glug
JohnJ: oh By 1pm
DustyBritches: Sat?
Selena: I float
Essence: so 8am eastern
Spookie: soooo, question… when will we sail back home?
Calypso: Ive got floaters
Essence: i will be sleeping ugh
Érè: 9 am central
Keellyn: We all float down here…….
Catolyte M. Melinda: Haha
Érè: lol
Essence: guess ill swim
Selena: LOL
Érè: i mean 7
Brother Echo: When its safe to return and we have seen the damage to the island you can then return back we expect around 6 to 7 pm WA.
Essence: ty andy
: Name: Milk for the Big Storm ’18
: Original Price: 75
: Description: You can carry this, put it down, or put it in your pocket.
Riff Raff: watch out fer floaters
Snarky Pep: holey moley
Lil Gia: 8 am mtn time
: Name: Calypso
: Original Price: 0
: Description: Come, be Immortal with me, I Conceal Knowlege, I am the Enchantress of the Sea
shanny: what am i to do rw
Ziggy: Weather balloon bodies for everyone
shanny: geesh
Selena: yeah floaters are never good
Brother Echo: Once back on the island subject to the damage we will need everyone to work as a team.
Érè: dance
Érè: lol
Dan: something else
Petallypoo: i got my ducky pool ring in Summer Place…
shanny: lol
shanny: ummm my back is still broke
shanny: no ty
Peach Toadstool: thankies
Catolyte M. Melinda: Ive yet to visit
Érè: hmm play xbox?
Calypso: We can do that.. right?
Érè: LOL
shanny: xbox sucks
Peach Toadstool: I’m surprised you found my hidden head
shanny: ps4
Cherrie: ty for the bread
Gracie: where does the boat leave from?
Érè: nah ps6 sux
Érè: lo
Érè: lol
Keellyn: ::hears crickets::
Brother Echo: So that is it for now. Any questions before I go?
Calypso: ty Andy
Catolyte M. Melinda: Lol
Cherrie: i need peanut butter for it though
Lil Gia: where do we catch boat?
Spookie: work as a team? yes I can do that, depends whos on the team
Essence: guess i will have hubby take me to breakfast for my birhtday lol
Snarky Pep: will dere be a bar aboard?
Polly: what time do we have to be out by?
Érè: i mean ps$**
Riff Raff: can we host there
Lag O’Morph: other then why?
Lag O’Morph:
Maeb: Thank you for the bread to cover my eating
Keellyn: I call the darkie team
Calypso: Mines tomorrow
Brother Echo: Please wrap up warm, pack tools if you have them, food for the day etc.
M1N1 M30W: so Brother Echo
Petallypoo: So when we get back is it gonna be like when Hurricane Sandy hit NYC?
Ziggy: We will hide out in tower sis
Peach Toadstool: this bread makes me think of Friendship Bread
Lil Gia: i have a mop and bucket
Peach Toadstool: is anyone familiar with that?
Petallypoo: that was terrible
Brother Echo: You can host at Summerland yes.
Polly: omgosh
M1N1 M30W: is this a delay in the Chrismast locals that were supposed to open on Dec 14?
Riff Raff: ty
Peach Toadstool: friendship bread is amazing
Catolyte M. Melinda: Yes
Cherrie: what about the radio show
Érè: can we dance in summerland?
Brother Echo: Mop and bucket might be needed if homes are flooded
Érè: lol
Cherrie: they can’t stream from summerland
Dan: you can dance if you want to..
Pyewacket: Thanks Andy
DustyBritches: I live in Tx so it would be 12pm my time?
Érè: hehe gppd
Lag O’Morph: and what about only 1 avatar per account allowed there?
Petallypoo: we need rubbers
Brother Echo: Snow plow drivers will be needed.
Érè: good even
Petallypoo: I mean boots
Spookie: hopefully we will be back home before radio show
Ziggy: My turfs are on 13th floor so I’m safe
Lil Gia: we dont want to break summerland
JohnJ: 7 central
JohnJ: am
Lil Gia: one avi enough
Keellyn: mine are on floor 69
Spookie: I can drive a snow plow FUN when when
Ziggy: lol
Catolyte M. Melinda: 1pm wat is 8am eastern
Dan: …you can leave your friends behind..
Essence: oh sounds like a job for stray cat
Catolyte M. Melinda: Haha
Brother Echo: Hopefully the storm will pass before the radio show. Hopefully no damage to the radio station.
Polly: ear worm
shanny: love that song dan
Érè: yeah let them drown
Érè: LOL
Gracie: You realise we will expect to be paid for our working hours!!
JohnJ: till 1pm
Gracie: lol
Dan: ..cause if they dont dance, and if they dont dance…
Ziggy: Thanks A was thirsty
Dan: .they aint no friends of mine
M1N1 M30W: tugs robes
Catolyte M. Melinda: Double wage lol
Gracie: haha
crazy~lil~noodle: hugs
Érè: woot thanks andy
M1N1 M30W: psst
Spookie: yes?
M1N1 M30W: Christmas Locals
Brother Echo: Cant pay you for help sorry.
M1N1 M30W: are they delayed?
Petallypoo: Double wages????????????
Catolyte M. Melinda: Ppftt
Gracie: awwww so we have to do it out of love lol
Spookie: of course you can pay, do you have cookies?
Gracie: hehe
Dan: pssst
crazy~lil~noodle: ty
Dan: theres a snow storm coming
Cosmic Andy: I hope you all have enough milk and bread now
Cherrie: cookies and milk!
Dan: we’re all delayed
Keellyn: need to hit the liquor store
Brother Echo: Christmas stuff Andy will be able to answer but first we need to see what happens with the storm.
M1N1 M30W: ty for the supplies
Keellyn: storm party
Loveternal: i need milk plz
Cosmic Andy: we can try to load the boat too
Érè: yeah cuz of you dan
Érè: LOL
Loveternal: i will dehydrate
M1N1 M30W: Andy sir
Dan: you think I made the storm happen?
Petallypoo: one favor Please. Can U make sure all games are finished before U call us back?
Érè: yup
Érè: :P:
Érè: LOL
Érè: u wished for it
Lil Gia: milk?
Peach Toadstool: we’ll be able to enjoy egg nog with the milk mixed with seagull eggs and maybe this is friendship bread after all
M1N1 M30W: can you answer about Christmas locals
Érè: lol
Petallypoo: i hate doing good in Blitz and then going down
Catolyte M. Melinda: Haha
Loveternal: ty
Calypso: milk and eggs sammiches
M1N1 M30W: they are due to open Dec 14
Brother Echo: We can leave you in Summerland all weekend for anyone who does not want to return or playing games still.
Catolyte M. Melinda: Im sure thus is about christmas locales
Catolyte M. Melinda: Wait til sat lol
Brother Echo: We can do a few trips on the boat.
Keellyn: I have a list of people you could do that for….
shanny: ummmm no
Selena: no we don’t want to stay on the island
Cosmic Andy: I’m worried about the storm now
Cosmic Andy: I hope Christmas will still be here
Selena: we can use sleds and snowmobile
Ziggy: I’m already tired of snow and we haven’t had any yet
Spookie: of course christmas will be here
Catolyte M. Melinda: Mhhm me too
Cosmic Andy: I might need warmer clothes
Ziggy: lol
Brother Echo: You will need warmer clothes
Maeb: If it gets really bad, Santa can always bring Rudolph
Peach Toadstool: it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Brother Echo: LowRider need to cover up
Ziggy: Lend Andy robes BE
Spookie: I dont have anything warmer
shanny: lol
Cosmic Andy: or cover my ears
Ziggy: lol
Selena: but all of our stockings are already hung
Catolyte M. Melinda: Raud the fireplace venfo in vmart
Keellyn: OK people, RW translation here:: They need to take the world down for 6ish hours to upload the Christmas locales and decorate. We will go to back up world. Any questions??
Ziggy: Its all the cookies ya keep in the hat Andy
Peach Toadstool: I’m sure Morpheus will be sure we don’t lose the island
Catolyte M. Melinda: Raid
Cosmic Andy: Hopefully the turfs will still be here too
Brother Echo: Thank you all for coming today and please tune into the radio station.
Ziggy: Oo
Catolyte M. Melinda: Duh lmao
Peach Toadstool: this is his dream after all
Brother Echo:
Érè: lol
Keellyn: ty for warning us Brother Echo
Brother Echo:
LowRider: ty brother echo
Selena: yes ty so much for letting us know
Peach Toadstool: thank you, Brother Echo
Lil Gia: ty Brother
Gracie: hope there are plenty life jackets for the sail
Pyewacket: Thank You Brother Echo
Catolyte M. Melinda: Mmkay
Gracie: might be stormy waters too
Loveternal: tyvm Echo
Cosmic Andy: Thank you for letting us Snow
Ziggy: Well hell
Ziggy: ROFL
Peach Toadstool: puns
Ziggy: Baaad
Catolyte M. Melinda: Ha
Peach Toadstool: Andy is punny today
Ziggy: Hahah
Catolyte M. Melinda: Punny
Coal: Well, I guess we can plow through it
Keellyn: Sorry, shoulda kept my mouth shut
Cosmic Andy: hehe, plow through
Ziggy: Fresh baked puns
Catolyte M. Melinda: ? Lol
Cosmic Andy: another good one
Peach Toadstool: Andre Segers would be proud
Ziggy: lol
Coal: thanks

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